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know about women shoes

Women are very particular when it comes to styling. It is very rare that you will see a shabbily dressed woman out of will. Most women also are completely aware of choosing the right type of shoes. They do know what type of women shoes will blend well with what kind of dress. You can check out some of the cool yet crazy shoe designs that will make your look stand out.

If you are a woman who falls into this category, or you might want to extend this knowledge to the other’s in your life who may not know much about this. Read on to know more about what the basic types of footwear are which every woman must own. The shoes and sandals mentioned in this article are a must-have for every woman and is a perfect guide to shoe shopping.



They are perfect as women shoes for a night out, or for a dressy evening. Rely on pumps to take your overall outfit several notches up for a time when you really want to look your best. Take care to avoid pumps when you know there will be too much of walking involved, lest you want to hurt and strain your feet.

Wedge heels:

Wedges are a good option to resort to in the summers when you want to look classy, but also don’t want to let go of your comfort. If you understand the Importance of comfortable footwear, you’d know that wedges are the most comfortable to be in.

You can wear them to weddings, parties, and practically everywhere else since they are so easy to walk in. Styling your dress with an elegant and beautiful pair of wedges can lift up your overall look and appearance.



Stilettos are for the days when you want to add a little fun element to your outfit. Pair it up with a dressy gown, a dress, or even jeans and embrace your playful side. A brightly colored pair of stilettos is enough to add the missing charm to your attire.

Ballet flats:

These are a better form of flats for women shoes when you want to pay special attention to the cleanliness of your feet too. They will keep your toes covered and are super-comfortable for everyday wear.

Ballet flats are a must-have for every girl there is since you can wear these to college, at work, at an event or even casually. You can pair it up with any kind of dress, and voila! You are good to go!


SneakersSneakers are so in and trendy as women shoes these days. They will improve the look of your overall dress just be being there. You don’t need a stylish high-end pair of sneakers to do the job. Just invest in a monochrome, light colored, but comfortable pair of sneakers and watch yourself as you make heads turn.

Some people believe such shoes as sneakers can only be worn with pants, but that’s not true. You can use them to complement any attire or even a dress, and they will let you down.


Low-heel and Flat Shoes is the “In” thing for Party Goers. Be it a casual outing, running errands or catching up for a quick brunch with friends. A pair of stylish looking flats is all you need to carry you through the day. Invest in a good number of flats since they are the only women shoes, which come in handy when everything else fails. There is a lot of variety in both online as well as offline retail stores to stack up your flats shoe collection which sports everything from flashy to the elegant ones.


women-bootsBoots can be worn with a flowy dress, a pair of jeans or any attire as long as you can carry it well. They go well with any type of clothing. Moreover, the most important factor of wearing boots is that they are comfortable, stylish, and elegant, and do an incredible amount of justice to your overall look.

Bring your pair of chic boots out when it is rainy, snowy, or when fall approaches. They make your look stand out, and also keep you really warm. You must definitely own a pair of good, classy boots in your closet to save you on a literal rainy day.

Summing it up:

The women shoes and sandals mentioned above are nothing and amount to nothing if they are not worn with their respective kind of outfits. This guide to shoe shopping can only educate you about the importance of comfortable footwear but you need to implement them yourself.

The first things people notice about you is, more often than not, always your footwear. That is why choosing the right type of shoesis as important as choosing the right attire. Make sure that your women shoes compliment your dress well and take it a notch higher.

The trick is to keep it elegant and simple. Sport an attire so fine that it makes heads turn, even if is opting for designer wedding shoes for luxury and comfort. Remember that less is more. Look classy, and let your actions do the talking. Carry yourself well, and you will never have to worry about lack of style getting in your way ever again.

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