Accessorize for Less: Top Reasons it pays to Make Your Own Jewelry


If you know anything about fashion; you will know that the choice of jewelry plays an important role to accessorize any outfit perfectly. Staples like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets make a nice addition to your attire and can help shape your personal style. The only problem is that at times; depending on your taste, jewelry can be very expensive. When you get into pieces with diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, you could easily spend several thousand dollars.

When you’re on a tight budget, buying jewelry becomes an occasional treat. If you love fashion and draping yourself in trendy pieces, there is a way around going bankrupt for a pair of gold earrings or beaded necklaces. You can make your own jewelry instead. It really doesn’t take much, and the possibilities of what you could make and pair with are endless.

Not sure making your own jewelry is the way to go? Here is a look at some of the reasons it pays to let your creativity spill into your fashion:

It’s Therapeutic

Make-Your-Own-JewelryBelieve it or not, crafting can be a very meditative release. As you’re stringing beads or gems to create a new masterpiece, you find yourself feeling less stressed. Not to mention, the finished product and compliments you’ll receive when you wear it are a great confidence booster.

It’s Affordable

As pointed out previously, buying jewelry can get expensive. Pieces with intricate details and precious stones and metals can cost several hundred or thousands of dollars. You can cut the cost of shopping for accessories by making your own jewelry. You can purchase beads, clasps, and other supplies in bulk from vendors like GemPacked and create multiple pieces to add to your jewelry box for a lot less cash.

They Make Great Gifts

If you learn how to craft beautiful pieces of jewelry, you’ll never have to shop for gifts again. Jewelry can be appreciated by both men and women for just about any occasion.

You’ll Always Have Accessories


Ever pull an outfit out of the closet and wonder how you’re going to tie it all together? Perhaps you’re missing the right pair of earrings, a necklace that sits just right, or a bracelet to make everything pop? Well, if you’re the maker of your jewelry, you won’t ever be without the right accessories. You can make unique pieces that match your wardrobe perfectly.

You’re one of a Kind

Fashion is all about being able to show off your personality through style. If you’re the type of person that likes to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, having unique pieces that can’t be bought in stores in the way to do it. You can create beautiful pieces and have everyone wondering how they can get their hands on one.

You could turn it Into a Business

As if the above reasons weren’t good enough, if you’re really good at making your own jewelry, you can turn it into a side hustle. Crafting is a really big industry and there are millions of consumers looking for unique pieces for sale. All you need are some bulk supplies, an e-store platform, and good marketing tactics to get the ball rolling. Depending on how hard you push, your side hustle could very well replace your regular income.

Lots of people like wearing jewelry, but don’t buy as much as they’d like simply because it costs too much. If you love accessorizing your outfits with beautiful pieces, but you’re working with a limited budget, there are ways to get the jewelry you want for less. An increasingly popular way is to make your own jewelry. As you can see from above the advantages are endless.

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