How to highlight your collarbone?

highlight your collarbone

In a world where beauty is readily commoditised, the collar bone is an important and prominent feature. Getting rid of fat from this area thus is crucial to heighten your beauty and boost your confidence. It is in trend nowadays to highlight your collarbone. But, while some people are gifted with prominent collar bones, others have to put in a lot of hard work to have one. The kind of workout routine you should follow to highlight your collarbone is thus very crucial.

Getting in perfect shape is important

highlight your collarbone

The thing with collar bones is that, if one is in perfect shape, the collar bones are visible. So in a scenario where your collarbones are not prominent, it is important to follow a proper workout routine alongside a healthy diet. Losing overall body fat will not only make the collar bones visible but will also be making shoulders prominent.

Let us then provide you with a set of exercises which when supplemented with a balanced diet will help you attain the best of your physique.

Some Important Exercises


Push-ups or press-ups are very essential exercises in targeting muscles of the chest. So with a dumb bell of comfortable weight you can start off on your quest in making shoulders prominent.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Any form of cardiovascular exercise, be it running, skipping, swimming or cycling involves a large number of body muscles. They therefore ensure that a lot of calories are burnt and body fat is reduced. Getting rid of fat like we discussed is the foremost aim to have prominent collar bones.

Ab Crunches

Ab Crunches

Although usually a workout regime followed to get a six-pack physique, it is also very helpful to enhance the collarbone. Different kinds of ab crunches can provide help to highlight your collarbones.

Shoulder Shrug

During this exercise you simply have to pull up your shoulders for 8-20 times. You can start off with less and gradually increase the number. This is a very simple exercise and even someone somewhat unfit can start off with this exercise.


YogaFor people averse to intensive workout and weight training yoga comes to the rescue. Yoga is very effective in making the collar bones appear prominent. Even after exercise, yoga can be performed for faster results as simple yoga can help you lose the extra kilos.

Chest Lifting Exercises

Since fat presence in the neck or shoulder region is a hindrance to highlight your collarbone, it is smart to lose fat from these regions. Chest lifts, shoulder rolls and elbow rolls can help you in the process.



Apart from being a very good cardio vascular exercise swimming has individual benefits in getting rid of fat and having broad shoulders. With regular swimming the fat around the shoulders and arms are quickly transformed into lean muscle. Since swimming allows the shoulders and chest to open up, it naturally provides for a condition where collarbones appear more prominent.

Shoulder Shrugging

This exercise if done correctly helps to relax the shoulders and increase the prominence of collarbones. In this very simple exercise you can start by rotating your shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise for about 30 seconds. Then both shoulders should be pulled up towards the ears and held for 10 seconds. Slowly they can be relaxed into original position.  The entire procedure can be repeated for about 30 times and this can be increased with time. Also with time weights can be held in both hands while doing this exercise for better effects.

Bridge Pose

Although a part of yoga, the bridge pose individually does immense good to highlight your collarbone



It goes without saying that such workout plans will show results only when coupled with a diet plan. It is important to eat healthy for two reasons. Firstly, you need the energy to workout in the form of simple carbohydrates and secondly you need the nutrients to develop your muscles. Junk food with high trans fat and calorie rich content will surely not help in losing fat. So you have to omit all kinds of junk food and sugary beverages to highlight your collarbone. You have to eat proper quantities of protein and leafy vegetables. Simple carbohydrates like bananas and cereals have to be included too. You also have to ensure that you are drinking a lot of water and keeping yourself hydrated.

The other way to highlight your collarbone

 highlight your collarbone

For those who are lazy enough to follow a workout regime we come to the rescue yet again. In this section we shall discuss some makeup hacks to highlight your collarbone. The easy and age-old practice of jutting out the shoulders while wearing off-shoulder tops or strappy dresses has proved efficient. What we ask you to add to it is a finishing touch of shimmering Luminizing Powder. The same powder that helps in accentuating the cheekbones also work wonders here.


Collarbones and shoulders can be made to appear prominent by highlighting with Midnight Reflection. If brushed onto the highpoints just as you would to your cheekbones for an iridescent gleam, it enhances the bone structure.

Among other makeup hacks you can dust Dawn Reflection all over your chest and shoulders and focus more around the collarbones to avoid an orange tint.


highlight your collarboneCollarbones can be contoured by sweeping Dusk Reflection above and below them. This can be easily accomplished with your blush brush. Shadowing leads to more attention on your neck and shoulders eventually making them appear slim and elongated.

The final word

Collar bone is not called the beauty bone for nothing and it indeed does enhance your appearance. This being said there is no need to obsess over it. Stressing reduces your metabolic rate and in turn has the potential to make you appear fat. Also beauty indeed is a matter of feeling good. So collar bone showing or not, feel good about yourself. And after that if you do want the fitness regime to follow or the makeup hack for prominent collarbones, we come to your aid.

Also, collar bone is not just about beauty but also somewhat about health. For instance having body fat enough to hide your collarbone does imply that you are susceptible to heart diseases and other problems. So for good looks as well as good health, let that collarbone be displayed.

Once achieved, it will surely seem to be worth all the efforts.

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