Aging Facts You Need To Know And Cope With

Aging Facts

These are the three important facts everyone needs to know about aging:

  1. Aging is the process of growing old for human beings, plants, animals and even fungi.
  2. No one and nothing can currently stop the aging process.
  3. Aging, for both men and women, starts as early as the age of 20.

Many people wonder when or at what stage of life does aging officially start? Some say during 20s, many say after 30, while others say they realized they were aging until after they reached the age of 40. Some even say after 50 and a few say after 60.

Although medical practitioners say that aging starts right after humans are born, a lot of people think of it more as when they first began to feel persistent aches and pains. For example, on the knees after a long period of sitting or when taking steps upstairs.

Aging is a continuous process that science cannot fully account for, but the research suggests that aging can definitely be slowed down. So here are some self-care tips for your skin and body that can help you cope with the aging process.

Get Physical

Get Physical

Proper exercise, particularly cardio and strength training, will keep your bones strong and skin firm. Older folks who move around a lot will have better blood pressure levels and circulatory condition than those who stay immobile at most times. It does not really require strenuous physical workouts in order to attain a healthy body, but just regular physical activity that can boost your energy for the day.

What You Eat Is Who You Are

Nourish your body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that come from healthy food like fruits, vegetables and fish. Salmon for one contains antioxidants with anti-aging properties that protects against inflammation and stress. Red wine regulates blood pressure and induces good sleep. Avocado has monounsaturated fatty acids that promotes cardiovascular health.

Treat Your Skin Like A Baby’s

Treat Your Skin Like A Baby’s

Avoid jumping on everyone’s beauty bandwagon and instead choose facial washes and cleansers, soaps, and other beauty regimen that have less complicated, if not natural, chemical components. Even the way you caress or wash your face requires a specific stroke. Go from the jaw up to the center then out to the hair lines area, to help massage your face and prevent the skin from sagging.

Fine lines below the eyes and on the forehead is one of the most obvious signs of aging, but dermatological procedures can be administered like botox for wrinkles to help you cope with aging.

No Shampoo Day Is Hairfall-free Day

As we age, we start to lose vitamins and nutrients, making our scalp start to loosen its hold of hair strands, becoming prone to drying which results to graying and hair loss. Aside from eating healthy food, exercising and using natural beauty products, care for your hair by not shampooing daily, instead just three times per week, if not every two days.

This will allow your hair produce natural oils that would prevent it from drying. Women who want to look young and feel confident by having darker hair colors, should choose natural hair dyes.

Aging is a fact and part of our lifecycle. It cannot be stopped, but can be managed gracefully and beautifully.

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