9 Tried-and-Tested Fashion Tips that Will Instantly Upgrade Your Look

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Tried-and-Tested-Fashion tips

Fashionable dressing is a skill—one that can take considerable time and practice to perfect. Fortunately, with a few minor adjustments, you can fake being stylish while you’re still learning how to make it. Here are 9 fashion tips that can elevate your day-to-day looks:

How to Build a Functional and Fashionable Wardrobe 

1. Edit your closet

Edit your closetIt’s probably fair to say that everyone has a bit of a hoarder inside of them. Women especially tend to accumulate clothes, shoes, and accessories, but only end up wearing about 20% of the pieces they own. Trimming the fat off of your overstuffed closet isn’t just practical; it can help you conserve energy and minimize decision fatigue. When your wardrobe is composed only of items that you love and want to wear, getting dressed in the morning will be a walk in the park.

To simplify the sorting, separate your pieces into 4 distinct piles. Your “Keep” pile should contain your favorite items—the ones that fit well and see plenty of use. Things that you instinctively want to keep but don’t know why (you know you have them!) go in the “Maybe” pile for further evaluation later. “Donate” pieces that don’t fit you or your lifestyle so that they can benefit someone else. Finally, any damaged items that are beyond repair should go into a designated “Recycling” pile.

A good way to cut the clutter by half is to ask yourself “would I buy this if I were shopping right now?”. It’s a clearer, more objective question than Marie Kondo’s “does it bring you joy?”. 

2. Establish your essentials

Wardrobe basics form the core of your day-to-day outfits. These should beclassic, multi-purpose pieces that can easily be mixed and matched to suit a variety of occasions. Since they’ll have to withstand multiple washes and wears, you’ll want them well-built and made with durable materials. They should also flatter your shape and accentuate your best assets. 

3. Think neutral

Think neutral.

Sometimes, just trying to figure out which colors to wear for the day can be an arduous task. A wardrobe in a neutral palette of colors immediately solves the issue. Most of the shades in the spectrum are suitable for all seasons and can be worn day or night. Since every tone is muted and sedate, you won’t have to worry about pieces clashing, too. 

4. Put some thought into your unmentionables

Every woman should own good lingerie, of course. However, it’s just as important to invest in sensible everyday underwear. The undergarments you wear inform the silhouette you make with clothes on; they can change the shape of your body and influence how your clothes fit. Good bras that fit properly and provide ample support can help with your posture and give you a trimmer appearance. Shapewear can smooth out your curves and create that classic hourglass outline. You can easily find plus-sized shapewear for women online or at your favorite department store. 

How to Put It All Together

1. Consider the occasion

outfitBefore putting an outfit together, think about what you’ll be doing in it. Check the weather, is it going to be hot or cold? Sunny, overcast, rainy, or snowing? Is it day or night? Will you be doing a lot of walking or moving? Often, these factors can help narrow down your choices and zero in on an outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate.

When in doubt, layer. Layering can keep you from being over or underdressed for any occasion, since you can transform your look on the go. It’s also a great way to stay warm in transitional weather while creating dimension and interest.

2. Strike the right balance

For a harmonious look, you never want to lean too hard into one thing. Your top and bottom halves should create an even appearance when taken together. The simplest way to achieve that is by making smart use of contrast and wearing complementary pieces. This is also a clever hack for balancing your body’s proportions and disguising problem areas. For example, top-heavy women can add volume from the waist down with wide-leg trousers to level the silhouette, while pear-shaped girls can pair nondescript bottoms with a colorful top to draw the eyes upward. 

How to Solve Common Issues

1. Spills and Stains

instant stain remover penAn instant stain remover pen can be a lifesaver for accidental spills and spots. In the absence of one, isopropyl alcohol or clear hand sanitizer can also work in a pinch. Dab or blot at the stain to lift it, as wiping and rubbing will only push the stain further into the fabric.

2. Deodorant Marks

Pesky white streaks on dark clothes are the bane of every deodorant stick user. Switching to a clear gel formula will eliminate the issue entirely. You can also use nylon hosiery or an old beauty blending sponge to rub them out.

3. Wrinkles

use a flat iron to press a shirt collarWrinkles can make even the most expensive clothes look cheap and sloppy. You can still bust them even if you don’t own an iron or can’t be bothered to press your clothes, though. Aiming a blow dryer set to medium at wrinkles incurred from prolonged sitting can straighten them out quickly. You can also use a flat iron to press a shirt collar into submission. Finally, subject wrinkled clothes to the hot steam in your shower as you go about your morning routine. They should be good to go by the time you finish up.

At the end of the day, good fashion has little to do with following the latest trends or draping yourself in brand names. It mostly comes down to projecting a neat and polished appearance, so you’re already halfway there just by wearing clean clothes and staying tidy. Hopefully, the tips above can make up for the difference!

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