8 Celebrity inspired anti aging hairstyles to look young

8 Celebrity inspired anti aging hairstyles to look young

Rightly said, we are only as young or as old as we feel. But one cannot deny that as time passes by, one has to live the days of wrinkles, fine lines and what not. Ageing is a natural, biological process that every person has to go through. However, we always look for options that could trim some years off and make us look young. While there are many surgical procedures available in the medical world to help avoid looking older, but they also come with certain financial constraints. Not all of us can really go for plastic surgery to remove the signs and symptoms of aging. But, if you know how to camouflage your real age with proper styling, you are halfway to your teen life.

Like us, celebrities too get old and they too need some styling to create an illusion of a young appearance. Choosing a right haircut and hairstyle can uplift your overall silhouette. For instance, older women should always opt for darker shade of blonde colors. Hair colors that contain warm golden tones exude an anti-aging glow.

We have enlisted some of the best celebrity inspired anti- aging hairstyles that will work amazingly on your aged skin and appearance. Take inspiration from these celebrities to look younger than your real age!

1. Charlize Theron’s low bun hairstyle

Even though Charlize is growing older with each day, she never lets her age over par her beauty. Charlize’s low bun hairstyle was a good example for age defying hairstyle. Try a sleek low bun for a fresh, young look.

2. Penelope Cruz’s blocky bangs

Penelope Cruz rocked her look with the blocky bangs and it naturally worked for her! Bangs are the best way to promote a youthful look. You should imitate what Cruz did with her hairstyle to cut off some years from your aging complexion.

3. Accessorize like Katie Holmes

Undeniably, accessories are important assets in women’s wardrobe. But, do you know that they can equally help you with your age? A big embellished hair accessory can help elevate your style and downplay your age in an evening event. Katie accessorized her updo with a beautiful grape-styled hair accessory to look young and refreshing.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

It is hard to catch Sarah Jessica in a bad fashionable moment. She continues to be a real fashion icon with her loosened bun hair style. While she keeps her bun loosened and less engaged, rest of her hairstyle is kept tight that helps soften the look.

5. Beyoncé and her hairstyle

Whether you go for something firm and out of proportion or something that allows a deep side clean cut ends, both hairstyles are equally flattering and will lend a youthful complexion all the time. These hairstyles are prefect to be tried on both formal and semi-formal occasions.

6. Jennifer Connelly’s scrape look

To capture this smooth and bright updo like Jennifer, apply a shine serum through your hair before you begin to scrape it back. The light shinny glow will help defy your aged skin and will exude an age-shunning glow.

7. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts might have crossed the age of 40, but she still looks the same, she looked15 years ago. If you want to look much younger than your age, then go for a side bang, but make sure to let your hair fall around your temple and your ears.

8. Scarlett Johansson’s forever young hair color

Keep your hair voluminous and slightly curly at ends to achieve Scar Jo inspired hairstyle. However, to look young and playful at your age, color your hair with a hue that is one tone higher than your natural skin tone.

Quick tips and precautions

1. Unless you are naturally dark, you should avoid using colors that are extremely dark as it can work against your aging complexion. However, if you still wish to go dark, try adding highlights around your face to look more flattering and young.

2. Layering usually induces youngness on aging appearances as they understate the look of thin hair, which is another symptom of getting older.

3. Hairstyles that promote hair volume are really productive to add youthful locks to your hair.

4. Since aging comes with frequent hair fall and thinning of hair, it is recommended to regularly trim and cut your hair to develop clean lines and retain the health of your scalp.

5. The most complementary hair length on older women is medium. If you go for a too short haircut, your appearance will look more aged and if you try for a long hair style, your already thin hair will tend to look more slender.

6. In case your hair is starting to thin out, try side-swept bangs as it is an ultimate way to look younger and bangs also induce volume to your hair.

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