Guide covering blemishes and acne scars using concealer

covering blemishes and acne scars using concealer

A concealer is a trendy option that you can go for without worrying for the side effects on your skin. A concealer offers multiple benefits by giving you an amazing look and hiding the black spots and darker areas easily visible on your skin. Here, we have put together, the major benefits of using concealer.

1. For a perfect looking skin

perfect looking skinYou should use concealer to get that flawless look. It makes your skin look perfect, as it hide the imperfections in your skin such as birth marks, any kind of age spots, and even the tiny scars and blemishes. It will make your skin look amazingly beautiful. The correct way to apply it is by using a small brush and then tapping lightly with forefinger. Always remember to use the right shade to make your skin look even.

2. Benefits of concealer for lightening dark circles

Dark circles have become a common problem with every woman. Try a concealer to get rid of these. Dark circles make you look tired and dull. Using a concealer to hide your dark circles will show an instant effect and make you look younger and glowing.

3. To highlight your beautiful features


Every woman has some beautiful features, but they hardly get noticed due to some imperfections. Using a concealer can improve the appearance of your features. For example if you have a wide and short nose, then you can make it look narrow and elongated by applying the concealer on the tip of your nose, or if you apply a light colored concealer at the corner of your eyes, they will appear bigger and attractive.

4. For hiding under eye puffiness

Concealer is a very good solution to make under eye puffiness less noticeable. The shade of a concealer should be chosen depending on the visibility of your under-eye puffiness.

5. Benefits of concealer to heal skin blemishes

Benefits-of-concealer-Some concealers are healthy on skin and can even control further skin disorders. Look for a concealer that has antioxidant as an ingredient.

6. To protect the skin from the sun

Concealer also acts as a medium of protecting the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Look for a concealer that contains SPF of 15 or higher.

Things to remember:

a. Concealers are available in various forms such as paste, liquid, and powder. Chose the form that is most compatible with your skin.

b. Various shades which are available in concealers include purple, blue, green and yellow. Combine these shades with your foundation to match your skin tone.

c. Always remember to buy a concealer that blends well with your skin tone. A wrong shade can make those imperfections even more prominent and thus make you look ugly.

d. While purchasing a concealer, do not try it at the back of your hand. Instead, try the shade on that area, where you wish to use it.

8 Steps to perfectly apply concealer

Concealer or color corrector is a kind of make up employed to cover the dark circles and other blemishes visible on skin. Concealer is very effective as it blends the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. It evens the skin tone. There are different shades in which a concealer is available. It includes the deepest to the lightest. A concealer if not applied correctly, can give a very artificial look. Here are 8 steps that one needs to follow, in order to apply the concealer competently.

1. Choose a correct concealer

the correct concealerChoosing a correct concealer that suits your skin type is imperative. One needs to select a perfect shade. Darker shades can only add to the under-eye shadows and lighter shades will easily emphasize the blemishes we are trying to cover. One should carefully select a perfect concealer and in case he/she is unable to get the perfect shade, in that case select a concealer which is one shade lighter than the darkest area of his/her skin.

2. Moisturize your face

After selecting a perfect concealer suiting your skin shade, you need to moisturize your face. This step is indispensable because before applying a moisturizer on your face, you must ensure that the concealer glides on smoothly to your skin, instead of setting into some fine lines or wrinkles as the blemishes will get more prominent.

3. Pick suitable amount of concealer

After moisturizing your skin, you need to pick the right amount of concealer i.e. apt for your face. After squeezing the apt amount of concealer on your palm, you need to use your index finger or a brush and apply 4 – 5 dots of concealer under your eye and on your face.

4. Start applying

concealer coatYou need to begin from outside corner of the eye and leisurely move inwards. In case you think the amount of concealer is less, apply a second coat. This time move from the inside corner and work outward.

5. Pat up the face with the concealer

After dotting, you need to blend the concealer by patting it. Do not rub the concealer hard on your eyes, as the under skin is very sensitive.

6. Focus on blemishes

In case you have blemishes on your face,the method to apply a concealer is different. You need to focus on those blemishes and cover the area completely. Now after covering the area with the concealer, blend it into the skin using the circular motion.

7. Apply foundation

After applying the concealer correctly, you should apply foundation. Use of sponge is recommended for blending the foundation and concealer. If you think that while using the sponge, the concealer has been wiped away, then apply a small amount of concealer again. Post this using a good talcum powder is recommended.

8. Check face for final touch-ups

Skin care

Once this entire activity is done, check your face in the mirror. Please give a touch up on any uneven area. Once this is done, you can move on with rest of make up.

Steps to hide blemishes with concealer

Every woman wants to look beautiful every day. You keep looking for ways that can help you look best. A concealer is a trendy option that you can go for without worrying for the side effects on your skin. A concealer offers various benefits like giving you an amazing look and hiding the darker areas on your skin. Blemishes act as a huge hindrance to get a flawless look. You can identify blemishes by any of these: discoloration on your skin, pimples, and blackheads and even white heads. Blemishes become more noticeable if exposed to pollution. Applying a concealer can give quick relief from it. Here are four steps that you should follow to hide your blemishes with a concealer:

1. Dab concealer

make up

The initial step to use a concealer for hiding the blemishes includes dabbing concealer on the blemish with either a makeup brush or a small sponge. Make sure that you don’t rub the concealer. Be soft in your touch and slowly blend the concealer in outward direction from the blemish. If you can still see the concealer, then you should repeat the step with another layer.

2. Apply foundation

The next step is to apply the foundation on the blemish until its color difference from your skin tone gets vanished. You need to keep in mind that you don’t have to rub the foundation as it may wipe away the concealer. This will help you to get rid of any kind of skin discoloration.

3. Dust your face with powder

face powder applicationAfter applying foundation, next you need to dust your entire face with a face powder. This will make sure that the concealer and the foundation become set on your face and stays for long. If by chance you don’t have a powder brush, than you can apply powder with an applicator. Here also you need to be soft in your touch and avoid rubbing powder onto the blemish.

4. Regular touch up

You need to be careful throughout the day. Make sure that you touch up your blemish throughout the day using a powder. There is a possibility that your concealer may begin to wear off, then you should reapply the concealer and set the same using a powder.

Things to remember

  1. Concealers are available in a variety of forms such as paste, in liquid, and in powder form. Chose the form that is most compatible with your skin.
  2. Number of shades which in which concealers are available include purple, blue, and yellow. Blend these shades with your foundation so that they match your skin tone.
  3. Always remember to buy a concealer that blends well with your skin tone. A faulty shade can make those imperfections more prominent and thus make you look ugly.
  4. While purchasing a concealer, do not try it at the back of your hand. Instead, try the shade on that area, where you wish to use it.

Makeup tips to conceal acne scars

Acne, sometimes, leaves behind scars which can spoil the look. In order to hide the scar marks, most teens, look around for acne treatments. Acne treatments are not only expensive but accompany side effects too. There are few easier alternatives which can provide temporary relief from the acne scars. One such alternative is putting up makeup and concealing the scar marks. This can lend a flawless and glowing look to your facial skin.

The basic things that you will need to hide the acne marks are a mild face wash, concealer, foundation, powder, blush and appropriate brushes or sponge to apply them. An essential tip is to double check the quality of the beauty products. Do not compromise on quality products especially if you have a sensitive skin. We have listed here the essential makeup application tips to help you conceal acne scars and gear up for that special occasion.

1. Concealer

concealer shade

Always find a right concealer of right formulation and right color. For acne, concealer with green tone determination will help in concealing the blemish if patted on. Always select a concealer which is one shade lighter than your skin color. Wash your skin with an oil free face wash which removes the dirt and excess oil before you apply the concealer. Allow it to air dry, this will help you in easy applying of makeup. Dab a little concealer over the pimples and the scars. Use a facial sponge or finger tips to do this. If needed you can do it again but make sure that you do not have many layers which will look terrible when dries up.


Foundation gives an even tone to the skin and it is the perfect base for the makeup. For acne, oily foundation has to be ruled out. Choose foundation of your skin tone. To know what suits you, it is better you ask the store expert. It helps you to have an even base and a flawless skin. Apply foundation over your concealer, after it dries to give an even tone to the skin. Use light dabbing motion to apply it. Blend it completely. Make sure you apply it evenly over your face and neck and the concealer marks are not visible after you apply foundation.


acne problemTo absorb the oil and to cover the acne for a longer time choose a loose powder. Choose a mattifying makeup powder which will absorb excess of sebum. It will make your complexion more alive and hides imperfections. Avoid using radiance and bronzing makeup powders. Use a large makeup brush to apply the finishing powder all over your face. This will give a matte finish to your skin and would set the foundation and concealer which will help in concealing the acne for a longer time during the day.

4. Blush

Apply blush of your own choice to brighten different parts of the face. Make sure that you do not apply it on the acne scars. 

To sum up

In order to get the best benefit of the concealer; it is essential that you should choose the right one. Moreover, even the application plays an important role.  With the tips mentioned above, you will be able to use the concealer in the right way.

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