Basics of applying foundation…


The lack of knowledge about the application of foundation can ruin any make-up. Most of the time people just dab on foundation as if they are slathering sunscreen lotion. Foundation as the name points out is the foundation of a very good and flawless make-up.

It is a known fact that the right foundation goes with matching it with your skin tone, texture and of course the occasion.

An article points out a couple of tips for doing the same:

1. Dry skin should be blended with a moisturizer-based foundation.

2. Oily skin should be rubbed with a toner-based foundation.

3. To get a smooth finish evenly apply foundation over the face.

4. The eye-area should get equal dose of foundation for the make-up to look flawless.

5. Lightly dust the make-up with a sweep of loose powder.

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