Explaining the Best Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots


Women of all shapes, sizes, ages and types love wearing cowboy boots. These boots rise up the calf and are available in both shorter and longer heights for those who want more or less coverage. A simple pair of womens cowboy boots is a must-have for any woman who wants to stay on top of trends.. The newest designs come in a range of colors and feature accents like colorful embroidery and unique heels. If you always wanted to strut your stuff in a pair of fun cowboy boots but didn’t know how, now is the perfect time to learn how to rock a pair.

Go Slightly Dressy


Taylor Swift became a country superstar even before making the transition to pop music, and this singer loves wearing cowboy boots with dresses on and off the red carpet. Make your own stylish impression with a pair of your favorite cowboy boots, bare legs and a little sundress. This outfit is appropriate for any concert but also for a girls’ night out or a first date. Check sites like Peak Boutique to find bold boots and fun dresses.

Make the Boots Stand Out

Though some women think cowboy boots look best when paired with jeans, you can also wear those boots with your favorite leggings. Do you have a pair of boots with bright embroidery and other fun accents that you want to show off? Instead of covering that design with bulky jeans, you can wear the boots over leggings. Pick a color that picks up on the decorations on the boots, or choose leggings in the same color as the boot to make your legs look like they go on for miles.

Choose Country Casual


Take a page from the style book of your favorite country music celebrity with a country casual look. All you need is a flannel shirt and a worn in pair of jeans. Darker jeans often look better with cowboy boots than lighter jeans do, and those with distressing look great too. Wearing a large or bulky flannel shirt can make you look larger than you are. A flannel shirt that fits tighter highlights your curves and makes the most of your feminine assets. You can wear a slightly larger flannel shirt over a tight tank top too.

All these ideas will help you look your best when wearing your favorite cowboy boots.

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