5 Types of T-Shirts You Can Customize

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Types of T-Shirts You Can Customize

T-shirts make excellent gifts, giveaways, uniforms, casual wear, and more, and these versatile articles of clothing are highly customizable to suit your wants and needs. When setting out to customize a T-shirt, many people feel understandably overwhelmed by the sheer number of options they have when it comes to T-shirt types. If you already know which type of T-shirt you want for a custom project, get started now, or read on to learn more about five popular T-shirt options.

1. Unisex Premium T-Shirt

beauty in printed t shirtThe unisex premium T-shirt is a best seller for many reasons: it comes in several sizes and colours, it can be printed on or embroidered, it is made of high-quality materials, and it’s a cost-effective option. Most colours of this T-shirt are made with 100% cotton, and they are pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about them shrinking after your purchase them.

If you are looking for a highly customizable yet straightforward T-shirt, you can’t go wrong with the unisex premium T-shirt.

2. Unisex Eco Tee

If you want clothing items that have a less negative impact on the environment, look no further than the unisex eco tee. This T-shirt is made out of 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled materials. Each shirt saves up to 4 plastic bottles from the landfill, and it is in compliance with the Organic Cotton Standard. This shirt comes in white and black, and you can print on the front, back, outside label, inside label, and left or right sleeves.

3. Unisex V-Neck Tee

Unisex V-Neck TeeA V-neck on T-shirts provides an extra bit of class and sophistication to the simple tee, and they are an excellent choice if you want to provide your customers, or yourself, with a slightly different option of fit. These V-necks are made out of 100% cotton, and they are pre-shrunk. You can put your logo or design on the front or back, or the inside or outside label.

4. Embroidered Champion Performance T-Shirt

Performance T-shirts are cool- literally and figuratively. These t-shirts are made with 100% polyester interlock, which doesn’t wrinkle, wicks away moisture, and provides 50+ UPF UV protection. This material is also stretchy and comfortable, and any logo or design will look great on the left chest or centre chest of this T-shirt.

5. Unisex Basic Softstyle


Get in touch with your softer side by choosing the unisex basic softstyle T-shirt. Compared to other options, this T-shirt provides one of the best economic values. It comes in five different colours, and your design can be printed or embroidered onto the T-shirt. Many people enjoy this option because it is constructed out of a single piece of cloth, so there are no irritating seams on the sleeves or sides. This shirt is also 100% cotton and pre-shrunk.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a T-Shirt

Almost everybody loves the comfort of a T-shirt, and you can’t go wrong with any of the above options. The customization options are nearly limitless, and your final product will look and feel great.

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