Uniforms and Strict Dress Codes: How To Express Your Style

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Uniforms and Strict Dress Codes

If you’re a fashion lover but work in an establishment that requires a uniform or strict dress codes, it’s hard to express yourself. After a while, wearing black slacks and white shirts or company-issued uniforms gets boring. You know the policies are in place for professional and safety reasons, but it’s cramping your style. So, how do you get around it and let your style and personality shine through? Continue reading for some advice.

1. Switch Up Clothes And Uniforms

nurse wearing smock

Some dress codes allow flexibility when it comes to what employees can wear. For example, nurses must wear smocks, but some hospitals aren’t strict on colors or patterns. You can wear bright colors, pastels, or opt for cute little designs to stand out and show your personality. Restaurant workers often wear black bottoms and white tops but aren’t specific on the style. Switch things up by wearing white t-shirts and button-ups or black skirts, slacks, or shorts in varying cuts and lengths.

2. Wear Trendy Work Shoes

Depending on where you work, wearing heels, sandals, or open-toed shoes might be uncomfortable or unsafe in the workplace. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise your fashion sense. Believe it or not, there are shoe brands out there that design comfortable, sturdy, and workplace-friendly shoes. Restaurant shoes, construction boots, and athletic sneakers come in various styles and colors to keep you looking fashionable while on the clock.

3. Accessorize

trendy earringsWhile jobs that require manual labor or working with machinery may have a restriction on accessories, this isn’t the case for everyone. If you work in a retail shop, restaurant, or healthcare facility, feel free to experiment with different accessories. The right necklace, bracelet, watch, or earrings can give that dull work attire stand-out. You don’t have to break the bank to accessorize as costume jewelry is very trendy and affordable.

4. Hairstyles Make A Big Statement

In a professional setting, most employers prefer their employees have a clean and polished look. When it comes to hairstyles, they often frown about specific colors, yet they’re lenient when it comes to styles. If you want to show your individuality, why not change up your hairstyles? Buns, ponytails, fishtail braids, and long or short cuts are workplace-friendly but also very stylish. You can add some color and personality with hair accessories like headbands, scrunchies, or clips.

5. Makeup Works Wonders


If you’re at a loss for ways to express your style in the workplace, consider wearing makeup. The proper foundation, eyeshadow, and lip color help you enhance some of your best features. You can match your makeup with your work attire or wear the trending colors for the season. You may prefer something bold and vibrant or the minimalist look, so experiment with different application methods to determine which style suits you best.

6. The Power Of Smell

Although fragrance isn’t necessarily a fashion item, it does help you stand out from the crowd. Think about it. If you’re at a restaurant and a waitress walks by with a beautiful scent, you take notice. Every time you smell that perfume again, you’re automatically reminded of that experience. What better what to stand out than to throw on a bit of perfume or cologne? When deciding which fragrances to wear to work, ensure that you don’t overdo it. Something too powerful can attract the wrong attention. It’s best to go with something subtle yet aromatic.

When you work hard with your hands or on your feet for hours every day, the simplest things can brighten your mood. Something like rocking your personal style can make you feel good. Although it is extremely important to comply with your company’s dress codes and uniform requirements, it doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine. Whether you switch up the style of clothes or uniform or wear makeup and spray a bit of perfume, each of these things helps you stand out and feel good while in the workplace.

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