3 Little Known Secrets to Getting Glowing Skin and Hair

Little Known Secrets to Getting Glowing Skin and Hair

Turning on the television, or looking at the adverts all over social media, it can be easy to believe that every woman in the world except you has flyaway-free, silky-soft hair that shines even when there’s no sun about and skin that never has a blemish on it. Usually, this is to advertise some product or another, or is due to the person in question being a celebrity, with numerous hands constantly flapping round to ensure they look their best for the camera. However, although many of us know this, we still find ourselves lusting after this glowing perfection that is constantly paraded in front of us.

It is, however, possible to glow like the stars – you just need to have a few handy tips and tricks up your sleeves!

1. Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and SupplementsAlthough many of us like to think we live the perfect, healthy lifestyle, and in such a way so as to fulfil our body’s every need, it’s likely that we’re actually not consuming everything we need to be at our best. For example, with regards to our skin and hair, Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, which aids the protective barrier and elasticity of the skin and hair.

Most vitamins and supplements aimed at improving the condition of skin and hair include almost 30 ingredients designed to help you glow, and so you could find that making this simple change has a big impact on your overall glow! And, whilst being good to yourself, you can be good to the environment, too – manufacturers such as are starting to use and incorporate organic packaging for supplements to tempt more eco-friendly consumers in a saturated marketplace.

2. Keeping it Cool

Using a spritz of cold water at the end of your shower is a trick that has been oft-handed down via word-of-mouth or in old magazines, yet is rarely used. But, in terms of helping you get shiny hair and fresh-looking skin, it does actually work! A burst of cold water on your hair and face at the end of your wash routine helps to flatten the hair cuticles, reducing frizz and flyaways, and increasing shine, while also helping pores to close up slightly, reducing the amount of sebum that is released and preventing dirt being absorbed so much by the skin.

3. Beware of Bedding

Sleeping beautyWe often underestimate the power of good, clean bedding in helping us maintain soft, shiny hair and clear skin, but it is an essential consideration if you want to get the glow!

Normally advice reserved for those with wavy, curly, or coily hair due to the texture of the hair follicle, getting yourself silk or satin bedding could make all the difference to the texture of your hair. Silk doesn’t aggravate the hair follicles in the same way cotton or polyester does, and therefore helps to keep your tresses smooth and frizz-free.

Regular cleaning and washing of your bedding is also a must if you want glowing skin and hair – dirty bedding is often the root cause of spot breakouts, unbeknownst to many, because the pillows retain the day’s gathered dirt and bacteria, and then rub it on your face when you sleep. So always wash your bedding regularly!

Of course, we all know that eating healthy, cutting down on sugar and alcohol, and ensuring plenty of regular sunshine and exercise all contribute towards glowing skin, but if you follow the tips above, you will be sure to see a different level of glow around you! So, what are you waiting for?

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