5 Reasons Why Prom is Important


High school proms happen for a reason. It might seem like a cliche for someone. Some might even decide they don’t want to splurge on expensive parties and outfits. But for some people, prom is a night that they have been waiting for all those 11-12 years.Prom is not just an occasion for high school students to party, drink (sometimes) and goes crazy. It’s a window, a pathway to their adulthood. Prom is a symbolic celebration of an ending of a certain stage in their lives. Some will look back at their prom night and laugh at how embarrassing it was. Some will still remember their prom dates, prom dresses, and contests.

And without further introduction, here’s why prom night is an important event in our lives:

Prom is a milestone

Prom-is-ImportantWe already mentioned that prom is a window to adulthood. Yes, it sounds a bit cheesy, but think about it. It’s a milestone, indicating that you passed one level of your life and you’re off to another stage. Prom night is simply a unique way of celebrating this transition.

It’s a memorable time spent with your friends

Even though Hollywood movies show us that High school is a hell hole that is ruled by popular mean girls, that doesn’t happen too much in reality. Bullying is real, but the typical mean girl situation is so rare, it’s laughable.

In reality, prom is a memorable night that you spend with your classmates, with your friends and people who you grew up with. Years later, you’ll be able to go through the photos and don’t regret you missed it.

It’s a night when you can express your self

Prom-is-ImportantEven though today’s society is a bit strict about dress code, students often use prom night dresses to express themselves and their style. Some might say that men are limited in the dressing part, but girls compensate with their different outfit ideas. Even if you’re low on budget, you can still look for cheap prom dresses and outfits.

Students express themselves with dance, building links with their classmates and prom attendees. It’s a wonderful social event that lets you relax for some time.

There’s always a chance to take your dream date to the prom

Prom nights are great occasions to ask your crush for a date. Many high school students use this opportunity to ask them out and continue relationship afterward. Lots of relationship stories include a prom date.

We also need to mention that it’s okay not to have a date for prom night. Going on your own might be as much fun as with going with someone.

It’s simply a fun night

Prom-is-ImportantWhy do you attend parties? Why do you host barbeque parties on weekends? There’s a reason for it. You need to have fun, unwind and relax with your friends. Prom carries the same values and importance for high school students.

So when you hear that prom is a cliché one more time, think about all the joy and value these people are missing out. It’s easy to say no to something, but before you do so, think about all the fun stuff you will remember when you’re older.

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