5 Foods that reduce belly fat

Reducing Belly Fat

Tired of the fat around your belly? Want to get rid of it? You can easily get that perfect shape by doing regular exercise that makes you lose weight and look fit. The first step to reduce that extra fat is to improve your diet and add healthy food in your daily regime. So, here are some food items that you can add to your diet and you will have a flat belly:

1. Mushrooms: It is a rich source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to help in reducing weight as the proper absorption of calcium by body depends on it. People who have deficiency of vitamin D face problem in burning fat. If you eat three ounces of mushroom daily, you can fulfill the requirement of vitamin D in our body.

2. Whole grains: It is really beneficial in helping you to get rid of that extra belly fat. They function by lowering the insulin level in body and it helps in burning the fat faster.

3. Eggs: They are really helpful in reducing belly fat as they are a rich source of vitamin B12, which is known for breaking down fat cells very effectively. And if you want to cut the calorie intake than extract the egg yolk and just eat the egg white to get best results.

4. Low fat dairy products: They are a rich source of calcium and intake of these products provides calcium to the body that helps in breaking down fat cells faster. They restrict the formation of fat cells in body. So, add low fat dairy products to your diet to look wonderful and amazing. They even help in lowering cholesterol level in body. It is supposed to burn up 70% fat if you take them three to four times a day.

Green tea: It is the best way to lose weight and to burn fat. If you drink green tea daily, it will enhance the process of burning belly fat. It increases the basal metabolic rate in the body which makes it easier to burn fat. Avoid taking it in late afternoon to avoid sleep problems.