4 Easy hairstyles for medium length hair

Medium length hairstyles

Medium length hair is graceful to look at and easy to maintain. There are many coiffures available for medium length hair, of which a few suit formal occasions and a few other are ideal for casual or informal looks. Discussed here are the most impressive and interesting haircuts suiting a woman with medium length hair.

1. Classic Bob

The bob is and has always been a classy choice among most women. Paired with the best hair styling solutions, the bob hairstyle can be made into wonders. A smoothing cream and a flat iron can ensure extra smoothness and a natural gloss to the hair. If you plan to team up the bob with some dazzling bangs, try any color on the hair depending on your skin texture, and it is sure to enhance the looks. Try anything from concave and crisp bob to the curled out bob. The other variations are the romantic bob and the angled bob. Romantic bob suits those with wavy hair and angled bob suits the ones with round face.

2. Layers or Shags

Multi layer cuts can be very sexy with its well defined or uneven ends. Combined with some sporty bangs, it can give a sleek appearance, suiting any face shape. This is one style that can be used to enhance a formal or casual wear. Wavy shags are textured with a razor’s help and could give a messy look. The medium shag haircut is another favorite in which the ends are tapered and left uneven.

3. Fringes or Bangs

Bangs itself has many varieties ranging from the side-swept bangs and short bangs to the brow-skimming heavy bangs. It is one style that can gracefully enhance your best facial features like the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones. Those with a forehead problem can go for a hairstyle with fringes to hide the fact. Hairstyles with side-swept bangs are most favored. Even those with curls can flaunt a stylish look with bangs.

For those with straight hair can go for a layered hairstyle with side bangs. As the bone structure has a lot to do with hairstyles, those with a rectangular facial structure will look good with bangs. Even those with heart and diamond shaped faces can go for bangs, after consulting an expert stylist. Whatever style you choose with the bangs, ensure the bangs are kept in place using a mousse or a hairspray, to avoid messing up.

4. Blunt Cut

This is a hairstyle very easy to handle. It has choppy layers that fall upto the shoulders. This haircut must be avoided, if you have very thick or curly hair. You can add a tinge of color to your blunt hair to give a vibrant appearance. Chin length blunt hairstyles suit those with heart shaped face. Short blunts can be paired with bangs wherein the sleek blunt must be left alone. Another variation is the blunt bob, which can be side parted letting the rest of the hair to fall on the other side.

The best thing about having a medium length hairstyle is that it can be pinned up to form a bun or left loose for that sporty look. None of the aforementioned hairstyles look good without proper care. Hence, oiling, shampooing and conditioning your hair is essential to retain the shine and texture of the hair. Moreover, the hair must be trimmed every four to five weeks to maintain the look. Try using ringlets or curlers at times to get a different look.

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