3 Ways to Feel Better Than Ever in Your Own Skin

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Feel Better Than Ever in Your Own Skin

Summer is almost here. And if you’ve been suffering through a cold winter bundled up under layers of sweaters and coats, you’re probably eagerly awaiting some warmer weather.

But for women of all shapes and sizes, summer can also bring about feelings of anxiety. Dreaming of the beach but dreading putting on that bikini? Here are three easy tips to help you feel better than ever in your own skin — no fad diets or calorie counting required.

1. Trade the Scale for a Different Measurement

Lose-WeightIt’s estimated that nearly 90 percent of American adult women want to lose weight. In other words, that’s pretty much everyone. Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to shed a few pounds if your weight is affecting your health and causing issues like high blood pressure. But the number on that scale shouldn’t be your measure of success or a measurement at all.

Studies have shown that weighing yourself on a scale when you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy can have a number of adverse effects. For one, it can trigger emotional eating. Plus, that number doesn’t give you a full picture of your health. Muscle tone, body fat percentage, and your height and body shape all need to be considered and are all invisible to your bathroom scale.

So, rather than obsessing over those little digits, find other ways to measure your progress. If you’re working out or even just swapping the elevator for the stairs, use those sore muscles, clearer skin and other side effects as a measure of success.

2. Eat to Fuel Your Body

Eat to Fuel Your BodyWhether you’re trying to lose weight, want to get healthy, or just need a bit of a pick-me-up, tweaking your diet can make all the difference. Busy workdays and hectic schedules leave most of us reaching for fast food, takeout or microwave dinners.

But few of these options have the full range of nutrition we need to stay healthy and energized. Eating foods that fuel our bodies the right way can make us feel better — and look better. Ultimately, you should aim to eat balanced meals with lean proteins, plenty of fresh veggies, tasty fruits and fewer refined or added sugars and fats on a daily basis.

3. Treat Yourself to Something That Makes You Feel Good

Feel GoodEating healthy, balanced meals — and using those feel-good vibes to decide that your workouts have been successful rather than turning to the scale — will inevitably lead to you feeling better in your own skin. But even those good feelings might not be enough to keep you motivated and working toward your health goals.

That’s why it’s so important to treat yourself to something that makes you feel great in your own skin, like some sexy lingerie. You’ll feel hot just putting it on. And those looks you’ll get from your partner? Well, they’ll only further fuel your motivation to keep up the awesome work. Plus, boosting your self-image with something sexy will also lead to you feeling better in your other clothes as well.

Feel Better Than Ever in Your Own Skin

Feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin starts by abandoning everything you ever knew about diets, hitting the gym or choosing boxy outfits.

Instead, it’s time to ditch the scale in favor of healthy success tracking, eating foods that fuel your body rather than weighing it down or giving you a sugar rush and treating yourself to something that makes you feel sexy and confident!

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