4 Main Makeup Areas You Should Know

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Main Makeup Areas You Should Know

Doing your makeup is not as easy as it seems. There are hundreds of products and companies, which make it almost impossible to know what to buy. It may take some practice for you to know what looks best on you and what your skin likes, but don’t get discouraged. You’ll find your personal makeup routine soon enough. Here are the four main areas that should be included.

1. Face

Sweat-proof-makeupBefore delving into fun colors and looks, your face should have a base foundation on it. This can be hard to find as everyone’s skin color and undertones are not the same. Several different brands exist, and it can become quite expensive if you try to find what you need on your own. Look for brands that allow you to return products if you are unhappy with them, but also look for a specialist who can assist you while shopping.

2. Eyes

To you, your eyes may not seem that exciting or fun but adding a little life to them can change your entire facial look. A lash extensions kit is great for those with smaller lashes. Wearing mascara is one of the easiest ways to make your eyes stand out without adding much to them. For those who like to do more, there are several different eye shadow techniques and colors you can do.

3. Lips

Gradation lipsFinding something that will stay on your lips all day is not as easy as it seems. Multiple varieties of chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss and other products exist for one to choose from. Some will give you a more matte look, while others provide a shine or shimmer. When it comes to choosing colors or style, personal preference is what matters. Pick what you like and wish to wear.

4. Cheeks

If you are going for a simple, more natural makeup look, the less you wear, the better. The more you add may cause your face to look like a painting with colors and products slathered everywhere. Those who like to give their face just a little bit of color should choose neutral blush hues. These can be worn with most looks, often giving your cheeks a healthy glow. Bright and bold colors are frequently worn with certain styled outfits or outings but are not necessary for an everyday look.

Wearing makeup often makes one feel prettier and more confident. The key to being truly beautiful though is by wearing products that give you a smooth, natural-looking face. 

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