Youth ignorant about skin cancer

youth ignorant about skin cancer 14

The lure of a sunkissed look and a belief that skin cancer affects only grey haired is putting young people at risk, medical experts say.

Speaking at the launch of the federal government’s latest skin cancer prevention campaign, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer John Horvath said new health department research revealed many young people are putting fashion ahead of health.

‘Few young people reported using a combination of protective measures with most relying on single measures, particularly sunscreen, which they see as not impinging on fashion Wearing a hat or long-sleeved clothing is seen as potentially unfashionable,’ Professor Horvath, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer said.

The government spends more than $5 million on television advertising in an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers of skin cancer for youth.

Skin cancer is a life threatening disease and the youth should take utmost care to safeguard themselves against the killer disease.


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