Christian Dior joins grapevine generation of skincare industry

lor de vie 7Fashion and skincare giant Christian Dior is reported to have joined the grape vine seduction that is catching a lot of attention in the skin care industry. Facts provided claim that the new grape vine line by Christian Dior, L’Or de Vie is going to hit top-scale department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus by December 2006.

Apparently extracted from the sap of the sauvignon grapes, this skin care line targets the antioxidant needs of skin, in skin rejuvenation, in the form of cream and concentrate extract.

While not much is revealed about the authenticity of grape extract and the functionality of the grapes in this skin care line, yet what an be taken is potency of what the skin care line claims in the ten antioxidant molecules present in both concentrate and cream.

However, the potency of the quantity of antioxidant molecule might be different for different skin problems and skin types, but the consumers in their daily skin care regimen can consider it after consultation with their dermatologists.

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This skin care line will presumably find a market in the US and Asia at a retail price for over $300. Well that can be a luxury indeed, proving to be a tough competitor with other chic grape vine formulations.