You’re Looking Good: How to Wear Jewelry Beautifully

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How to Wear Jewelry Beautifully

Humans have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years. The oldest piece known to date is a string of snail shells from 75,000 years ago.

Just like our ancestors, we wear meaningful jewelry to change our looks into something more.

Keep reading to find out how to wear jewelry beautifully so that you can be a part of continuing the tradition.

 1. Assess Your Outfit

Assess Your OutfitThe right jewelry for an outfit largely depends on two things: the occasion and the outfit itself.

Formal occasions require formal jewelry. For casual or work attire, however, you’re free to match your jewelry with your outfit however you please.

Begin by putting on your outfit and observing how it fits you. Your jewelry should be visible and complementary to your clothing and other accessories like hats and bags.

This goes for simple outfits, too. Your jewelry should look like it’s made to be worn with your clothing. For example, you don’t want to wear bangles with long sleeves or wear a low-cut dress without adding a necklace.

Put on your outfit and try on different pieces until you find something that works.

 2. Choose the Standout Piece

Before loading yourself down with pounds of jewelry, decide what element of your look you’d like to stand out the most.

If it’s your outfit, choose simple jewelry like studs, a single necklace, and a ring or two. If you want a specific piece of jewelry to stand out, build the rest of your accessories around that without drawing the attention away.

This will be your statement piece. It can be sentimental, antique, or even designer — it all depends on what you want your jewelry to say. If you don’t have any of these things, you can find more info here about how to go about buying top-notch pieces.

 3. Mix and Match

Mix and MatchOnce your outfit and statement piece are chosen, it’s time to mix and match.

While sets of jewelry are lovely, you don’t have to only wear these items together. Instead, wear different designs, colors, and textures to create depth to your look.

You can even experiment with mixing metals like silver, gold, and platinum if they have something in common.

Depending on your outfit, you may want to layer multiple necklaces, bracelets, or rings. If you take this approach, stick to one type of jewelry to layer and let the rest of your pieces be simple. 

4. How to Wear Jewelry to Enhance Your Sense of Style

There aren’t any real rules to how you should wear jewelry, aside from the fact that it should be cleaned and polished.

So, you’re free to make your own stylistic decisions. Stand in front of a mirror and try out different combinations. Get inspiration online from your favorite pop icons or on Pinterest.

As long as your look doesn’t become overwhelmed with too much jewelry, you can’t go wrong. When in doubt, keep it simple and wear at least a necklace, studs, and a bracelet. 

5. Set Your Own Trends

Set Your Own TrendsNow that you know there isn’t one set way of how to wear jewelry, you can come up with combinations that only you have worn.

Match your jewelry to your outfit, decide what stands out, and mix and match until your accessories speak for themselves.

Keep reading our blog for more ways to rock beautiful fashion trends.

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