Younique Lashes: Might help improve your lash volume and length

Younique Lashes

We love makeup, skincare, and all kinds of lotions and potions that promise to do wonders for my skin, hair, and nails. When a user approachedus inquiring about some Younique products for lashes she was offering, we were intrigued, but admittedly skeptical. These products, especially the Younique Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum, were promising to help give my lashes more volume and length by up to 39%. When looking at other lash serums on the market, they usually go for a much higher price, so we were interested, but a little skeptical of a product promising so much at such a reasonable price point.

Younique Lash Serum



Younique lash serum, the Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum, has been clinically tested to help improve lash volume by up to 39%, and length up to 29% in tests for four weeks.  After using the lashes, people are greatly impressed at the results, and feel that their lashes are more conditioned and healthy than they have ever felt.  We also think it’s great that the product can be used on eyebrows, if you need that. Not everyone does or is interested in using the serum on their brows, but some people feel like they need some extra help with brows that have been over-plucked in the past.  If that’s you, you simply use the serum the same way as you would on your lashes. For both lashes and brows, you can use the Younique lash serum both in the morning before makeup and before bed. It’s a quick routine that is super easy and pays off in such wonderful results.

Younique Epic 4D Mascara

Younique Epic 4D MascaraIf you love mascara like usthen check out Younique’s Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara. The formula in this mascara gives lashes a pull toward the heavens like you would not believe! The lashes look so long when people use this mascara, and most of the time they just apply one coat. The formula is also super lightweight, so it does not drag or feel heavy, even though patented, y-shaped, nylon fibers are infused into the formulation of the product. After gently curling your lashes with your eyelash curler, you gently mix, but never pump, the formula with the wand still in the base of the product. Then, you gently extract the wand, noticing both the flat and rounded side of the wand, and start the wand at the base of my lashes, wiggling the wand from side to side. You can rotate and twist the brush up to the tips of my lashes to ensure the greatest curl up to the ends. To finish, you simply wiggle a little of the product on the bottom lashes, and you’re done. The product is comfortable to wear all day. People love it. 

Proven Results

With the two Younique lashes products we have become familiar with,we don’t see how anyone could go back to their old mascaras.

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