Guide to Wearing Furs in Any Season

Wearing Furs in Any Season

When most people think of fur coats, they picture posh women carrying around a petite dog and wearing diamonds around her neck (and maybe around the dog’s neck, too). This is stereotyping at its finest. You don’t need to be famous to wear your favorite furs, and there doesn’t need to be hail or a blizzard outside to enjoy them.

Fall and winter are the perfect time to break out your huge fluffy fur to keep you warm, but what about the warmer months?

Even living in the hot and sunny Southwest, you can still rock your furs. Experts agree that furs are not just for the cold states or even cold months. You can wear your furs in any season, anywhere.

What if you live in the southern parts of the country like Texas or Arizona? Or what if you want to rock your coat in the spring or even summer months? You can. Here are a few short guidelines to put you on the road to glamour.


Wearing Furs in Any Season

You shouldn’t have to wait for cold weather to sport your luxury furs; springtime is a great season to incorporate furs into your wardrobe. A good tip or rule of thumb is to look for lighter colors and shorter jackets.

Wearing your thick, heavy, floor-length fur in warmer weather will cause unwanted attention. Lightweight pieces such as vests, mid-waist jackets or even cropped pieces are much better choices when the weather is only mildly chilly.

A bomber jacket is a great choice for a springtime jacket. If a jacket is not your style, add fur accessories to your already put-together wardrobe. Stoles, hats, and scarves are a great choice when investing in springtime fur attire.


Wearing Furs in Any SeasonFur in summer seems like an oxymoron or just completely absurd but don’t knock it till you try it. Fur can be added to your warm wardrobe as a fun accessory, or you can rock a sweet little keychain on your leather handbag. Even a fur handbag is great for those extra steamy locales if wearing fur in the summer is not your preference.

If you do want to wear your furs in the summer then it is suggested that wearing flats, pumps, or even fur-trimmed boots are the way to go. Shoes come in a variety of styles and can be worn during all seasons. Even a lightweight cardigan can be sure to catch some eyes in the summer.

Anytime, Anywhere

Wearing Furs in Any SeasonDon’t be a traditionalist when wearing furs. Branch out. Instead of the normal black or brown, try dyed furs in vibrant colors or patterns. Adding new colors and accessories to your wardrobe and building your fur wardrobe will give you more options in every season.

Luxury furs are eye-catching and so are their owners, but wearing your long furs in the summer may have you looking a little awkward. Find the right balance when it comes to items made with fur. You can adapt any furs with any season and look like you just stepped off the runway. So before dismissing the idea, try it out for yourself.

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