Yoga as a remedy for acne free and spotless skin

If you were as bugged by pimples and acne as me, you would of course be as envious of them who are blessed with clear skin. Of course, not anything, which comes with the hereditary tag, can be easily got rid of.

However, that does not mean that we all have not tried our fair share of acne treatments throughout yours teens and if your acne is as bad as mine is, throughout your life.

In addition, ladies, second me if bursting them actually gives you some satisfaction. Well, I told you all I had my fair share of experimentations with trying to get rid of them.

The Usual Formula

I do not know about you, but I have followed some tried and tested formulae as well. Apart from bursting them, I mean. We all know that the basic cause of pimples or acne is because either our systems are not clean enough or there is a lot of dirt and oil build up in our skins.

The general method of taking care is to make sure that you drink lots of water. Cleanse and tone your face at least twice a day. Washing your face is good. However, do not over-do it because loss of natural oils might be the reason for the outbreaks as well.

Flushing away toxins are important as well. Apart from drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and cleansing the skin, you might consider some tonic or pills, but it is not entirely recommended.

The New Way- Yoga Way

Yes ladies, apart from the general breakouts during pre-menstruation syndrome and the tag of hereditary, it is important that you try this way.

Yoga helps you to relax your body and keep stress at bay. There are certain positions like the Salamba Sarvangasana and the Uttanasana, which ensure that you can reduce acne a great deal.

The basis of using yoga is simple. You try to relax yourself and join yourself or rather your body parts in such positions, which promote blood circulation.

Apart from these reasons, as mentioned, stress and acne can never go hand in hand. Relax yourself, watch as joining your body parts flushes out certain deep-seated toxics, and helps you with your acne.

Yoga will also act as a catalyst in order to better the results of certain vitamins and minerals in your intake. Vitamin C is a very good example, the worth of which increases considerably with regular yoga.

It is however, certain that unless you follow a regular pattern, nothing will work!

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