All that you need to know about nail-care

A woman should have beautiful hands and having well shaped and healthy nails is an imperative for that. Contrary to ordinary beliefs, getting good nails is not very difficult at all. Once you zero upon the kind of nails you have, nail-care is going to be a piece of cake for you!

Nail-care for Soft fingernails:

Soft fingernails can bend easily and they rarely grow beyond the fingertips. Since such nails are excessively pliable, they can be easily peeled. In order to prevent breakage of nails due to peeling, use hardeners for nails so that the protein fibers within the nails can create strong bonds. Also, apply Elemi Oil regularly, which helps in hardening the nails by removing water from them. Wear gloves while performing chores and do not expose your nails to harsh chemicals or detergents for too long!

Nail-care for brittle finger nails:

If the sides of your fingers do not bend then you have brittle nails than can easily chip, crack or break, as they are extremely de-hydrated. The ones with such nails should regularly massage their fingers with good quality moisturizer, hand butter and rich almond oil in order to infuse life into the dry fingernails. Make sure that such nails are filed into a square or an oval shape to prevent breakage by chipping.

Nail-care for Dry and lifeless nails:

If you have nails that feel rough and have obnoxious ridges then you have dry and lifeless nails that are suffering from acute dehydration and are therefore in dire need of moisturizing. Apply a moisturizing base coat to revitalize your nails and rub the powder of Vitamin E capsules onto your nails, as they are great anti-oxidants that help repairing the nail and the skin.

Nail-care for damaged fingernails:

Damaged fingernails are prone to breakage, flaking, cracking and splitting all the time. Acute dehydration causes damaged fingernails since they best way to take care of them is by nourishing and moisturizing them amply. Apply a good quality moisturizing base coat and a top coat to strengthen the nails and eliminate dehydration. Apply nourishing oil around the cuticles to encourage new cell growth.

Nail care for natural and healthy nails:

If beautiful, pink and healthy nails come to you naturally then you are indeed very lucky. File them regularly so that they look neat and well-shaped and apply a good hand cream for the maintenance of optimal nail health.

Nails speak volumes about a person’s personality. If following some basic tips is all it takes to get healthy and beautiful looking nails then it makes perfect sense to take some time every day out for nail-care!

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