Why nail-art is dead

Up until a few months back, nail art was really going big and you could find almost everyone from Katy Perry to Blake Lively sporting a trendy design on their nails. However, reports reveal that it is slowly fading away. So why exactly are people losing interest?


Why nail-art is dead

  • Unnecessary – A lot of women are realizing that nobody really seems to notice nail-art except themselves and maybe a handful of girlfriends. Not many are sure if they would like to go through all that trouble getting fancy nail artwork done if nobody even seems to notice. They would rather invest in a pair of heels or a designer handbag.
  • It doesn’t last – You can show off those nails only once. Even if they are pretty, you will only get them done for a special event and the art won’t last for the next party for sure. People would rather opt for a nice shade on their nails which doesn’t require much effort to maintain it, unlike nail-art.


  • Too much of effort – Nail-art needs a lot of patience, whether you are doing it at a salon or getting them done at home itself. It needs a lot of patience, both for the artist as well as the one getting it. If you lead a busy lifestyle, getting your nails done at a salon might not seem like a practical choice. Most of the time, we make it to a party or a fun-night out just at the last moment. With the crazy and active lifestyles and the hectic work schedules, where is the time for fancy nail-art, which most of the time goes unnoticed? Unless, you a celebrity of course.
  • Expensive – More and more women are opting to DIY nail-art at home. Nail salons can be pretty expensive and why opt to go to a salon when you can go all creative at home itself? All you need is some colors, brushes, creativity and perhaps someone who can help you out, like a little sister or a friend. You can even check out designs on the internet.
  • A little too much – Not everyone is comfortable getting their nails painted with a lot of art. They seem to think that it is a little too much and quite loud.
  • Less is more – Women are opting for the ‘less is more’ trend with clean manicures and nude colors and pastel shades on their nails rather than loud nail-art.

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