Blushers- the ‘in’ thing this season?

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The cold weather is just right to apply some blush on your cheeks for the perfectly flushed look, like you’d just step in from the cold. Find out why exactly blushes are trending so much right now.


Blushers- the ‘in’ thing this season?

While peachy blushes are a must-have during summers, during winters we are ditching the shades and going for tones which edge more towards lean rose, orange and nude to add some color to your cheeks. Do not worry that the dreary winter will wash out the color from your face . This is one make-up product that you definitely do not want to be without.

Blush brightens your face and makes your cheekbones stand out by highlighting them. It adds that op of color you need on your cheeks, especially in the dreary cold so that you do not look pale. During winters our skin tends to lose luster and radiance and ends up looking like the rest of the surroundings. That is why it essential that you add some color to your whole look, especially the face. Find out our favorites and why they have made it to this list.


  • Powder Blush – Whether you want a pink blush, a cheek stain or a blush to look like a tan on your cheeks is your choice and you have so many to choose from when it comes to powder blushes. Choose one that suits your skin tone and does not make it look too rosy. Clinique’s Fresh Bloom Peony Blend is one powder blush that we love because of its suitability for every skin tone. It adds a shine to your features, making your face look radiant .
  • Cheek Stains –  If powder blushes are not your thing, then you can opt for a cheek stain to add the pop of color to your face. They also look quite natural when applied and give you instant rosy cheeks. Opt for a cheek stain which hydrates and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.
  • Shades – Our favorite shades for this winter for blushes are pink champagne for the beautiful color and shimmer it adds to the cheeks . Sheer ballerina pink is another favorite with the skin acquiring a healthy summery pink on the cheeks and it suits almost every skin tone. Coral and peachy pinks are also a big hit. Remember to look for that sheen when you are out shopping for blushes.

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