Tips to maintain your long hair

Long hair needs care and careful handling. If you have long hair, check out these top tips to maintain your long tresses.


Tips to maintain your long hair

So many of us desire long cascading hair . It adds beauty and poise to any woman and turns heads. However, maintaining long hair is not effortless and requires some basic things you should take care of if you do not want to lose them or have to cut them because you couldn’t take enough care.

  • Regular trimming – If you have long hair and want your hair to remain that way, then you should trim your hair once every month in order to avoid split –ends and let the hair grow naturally. Not getting the ends trimmed will make the hair lose shine and look unhealthy and lanky.
  • Shampooing and conditioning – Use good products for your long hair. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Religiously condition your hair. Doing this will lessen all the other efforts you would be taking otherwise to comb, brush, untangle, etc. Plus, the texture of your hair will be maintained as well.
  • Hair Stylers – You can do so much with long hair, agreed. But getting too much of ironing, straightening or curling done can cause damage to your hair and cause it to look extremely dull.


  • Combing wet hair – Refrain from combing your hair when it is wet. Doing this will lead to hair-breakage and hairfall. If you have to do it, use a wide-tooth comb for the purpose, it is less damaging.
  • Brushes and combs –  Avoid using combs with sharp metallic or plastic edges . This will cause split-ends , damage your hair and make it look limp.
  • Wear hats and scarves – Tangles are bad for hair, even worse when your hair is long. Breaking tangles off long hair can be exasperating and tedious. Worse, they might never get tangled and you just have to cut them off. Whenever you are travelling in a car and keeping the window open or riding a bike, wear a scarf or a hat to protect your hair from the dust and wind.
  • Hair accessories – Use good quality rubber bands when tying your hair so that they do not lead to hair breakage. If you are using jewellery and other ornaments, make sure that you are very careful while you take them off. Tie your hair before you go to sleep .

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