Why has the Scouse eyebrows fallen out of fashion?

Scouse eyebrows was a trend among the ladies but has recently fallen out of favor. Let us find out why.


The origin

Bold eyebrows are a hot trend , but this recent development from across the seas may be taking the idea a bit too far. It’s called Scouse Brows, and it’s plaguing the UK one eyebrow at a time. “Scousers”, for those of us not from England, is a word used to describe someone belonging to the city of Liverpool. The term “Scouse Brows” was coined (and worn) back in November by a cast member of the reality show Desperate Scousewives, a UK take on the stateside series, and has miraculously endured with the fashionistas.


So what exactly are they?

Scouse Brows are heavily filled in eyebrows created with a pencil that’s far too dark for your hair color, often using a brow-shaping stencil .

Brows are definitely a tricky feature, from pencil-thin to unevenly groomed, and even a bald patch or two. The point is to make yourself look like you’re not wearing makeup even when you are.


It is obvious

Scouse Brows are so dead obvious that you’re wearing a full-on makeup mask, and make you look like you may not have any natural eyebrows left at all.

Voted the worst-beauty trend polled 1,000 women who rated the Scouse Brow as the most offensive make-up trend, beating foundation tidemarks, spidery eyelashes and caked-on powder to the top spot.

As for all of us, many favour the ‘less is more’ approach to make-up.

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The seven deadly beauty sins

1. Scouse brow 21.2%
2. Foundation tidemarks 20.4%
3. Patchy fake tan 16.4%
4. Concealer lips 9.3%
5. Overplucked eyebrows 8.7%
6. Clumped ‘spidery’ eyelashes 6.7%
7. Caked-on powder on face 4.5%


Emma Leslie from who conducted the survey said: “It’s no secret that many women these days like to take an interest in other women’s appearances – whether positively or negatively.

“Of course it’s never nice when this leans towards the malicious side of the spectrum.”

She said: “A lot of these beauty ‘sins’ can easily be avoided by paying a little more attention when getting ready, though.”

But, according to Emma, there is hope for our heavy-browed ladies.

“As for the Scouse Brow coming up trumps in the list of blunders – style icons like Kate Middleton and Cara Delevingne both have bold brows, which have become an intrinsic, much-coveted element of their looks,” she says. “So it seems that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.”

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