Must-have lip-colors

Lipsticks are essential to any woman and make-up is incomplete without it. These are the must-have shades when it comes to lip colors.

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Nude Lipstick:

This is a color which can be worn in the daytime, or to an evening occasion like at a party, with bold and dark eyes and hence we say it is a must have.

Lipstick in nude means choosing a color that is similar to your lip’s skin color. Make sure that the shade suits you before you pick it.


Pink Lipstick:

All skin complexion ladies can carry off pink lipsticks with total hits. This is definitely the perfect lipstick shade for fair skin and every other skin shade and tone you can come by!

Another amazing thing about this shade is that no matter what your age is pink suits every single person. It makes you look and feel vibrant and younger.


Berry Lipstick:

Berry lipsticks can be casual and chic. Nothing can replace it. There are various berry shades of lipsticks in the market specially termed as “Berry shades”.

brown lips

Brown Lipsticks:

Brown lipsticks are a hit among party lovers and somehow it never goes out of fashion. The only think is, you need to tune it with right and good clothes. Not every kind of clothing suits brown lipsticks

If you hair has red or copper highlights, then bronze brown shades and matte browns on your lips are definitely going to manage to catch every single eye in a party. It’s no doubt it is a must have.


Red Lipsticks:

Red lips never go out of fashion.

It can give you a retro look or a modern chic look, depending on your hairstyle and the kind of dress you wear.


Maroon Lipsticks:

This is also a hot party favorite amongst the celebs and it is my favorite too! It can go with any dress color like maroon itself or reds, or dark blues. It is good for a formal occasion and even for office wear.

coral lips

Coral Lipstick:

Coral is another shade that we claim a must have. This shade possesses the remarkable ability to be eye catching and yet delicate at the same time. So you can still maintain your soft and delicately feminine look while not having to compromise on the more daring shades.


Peach Lipstick:

Peach makes you look fun and stylish and adds zest to your whole look. It is simple and yet fun.

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