When to Go For HGH Therapy? All You Need to Know

When to Go For HGH Therapy

When it comes to HGH or Human Growth Hormone Therapy, the general opinion stands divided. While the results are there, but there’s also a chance that you might experience some of the common side effects. Therefore, it is important that before undergoing the treatment, you should do an intensive research and try to find out if the firm that’s offering the therapy is trustable or not. If possible, you should ask them for evidence related to hgh before and after.

However, before all that, you should evaluate yourself and try to find out if HGH therapy is what you need or not. It’s best if you consult a trusted doctor first. Below is a list of conditions, where HGH therapy might benefit you.

Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated by HGH Therapy

1. Growth Deficiency in Children and Teen

Growth Deficiency in Children

Some children and teens encounter growth deficiency. This brings a significant burden on their lives.Apart from making them unfit for a variety of sports like basketball, baseball, etc. it also has a significant psychological impact on the child. If not treated within time, their bodies might remain stunted for the rest of their lives.

The reason behind this growth deficiency could be wide and varied. Many times, it is also not possible to discern the cause. To treat them, HGH therapy is amongst the most common treatments that are suggested by the doctors.

2.  Growth Deficiency Because of Turner’s syndrome

Turner syndrome is a gene related disease that mostly affects girls, which ultimately leads to a poor stature in most of the cases. The average height of girls suffering from this syndrome is around 4ft 8in, which is quite below the normal.

HGH therapy is proven to be an effective treatment when it comes to tackling the growth related symptoms of Turner’s syndrome. The girls who opt for this treatment tend to be taller by about 8 inches when compared to the ones who don’t.

3. Prader-Willi Syndrome

Prader-Willi Syndrome is a rare genetic disease that is caused when some specific genes in our chromosome don’t function. On an average, this disease affects one out of every 15,000 children. Its symptoms include slow development, weak muscles, obesity etc.

HGH Therapy has proven to be very beneficial for children suffering from this syndrome. Not only it results in increased height, the children undergoing the treatment also reported a significant improvement in plenty of other aspects like weight distribution, bone mineral density, and stamina.

The HGH Therapy Procedure

pain free growth hormone injection

The HGH Therapy involves giving pain free growth hormone injections to children of 10 years or older. Since growth hormones are most effective before bedtime, it is suggested that parents give the injections to their children before they sleep. Apart from them, the parents are supposed to pay weekly visits to the doctors, so as to ascertain the benefits of the treatment.

Final Words

Although HGH treatment is FDA approved, it is always better to watch out for the side effects that could include anything from increased insulin resistance, muscle and joint pain to type-2 diabetes. Therefore, it is important that you only opt for a professional doctor for the treatment. Moreover, if you want to take the treatment simply for better health or to control aging, changing your lifestyle would always be a better and safer option.

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