5 Top Trends in Women’s Foot Fashion

Top Trends in Women’s Foot Fashion

If you like keeping up with the latest fashions, then you know it can feel like a full-time job. Trends come and go all the time, so it’s important to examine which trends are likely to stay relevant for as long as possible. This way, you don’t end up buying a lot of new clothes and accessories that you’ll only wear once.

When it comes to foot and shoe fashion, it’s also important to ensure that you look and feel good at the same time. Many women’s shoes are simply not designed for comfort, which can lead to issues like bunions (in which case you’ll need to contact the experts at northwestsurgerycenter.com). Fortunately, in today’s guide, we’ve got 5 of the top trends in women’s foot fashion that will ensure that you can look good, feel good, and get your money’s worth!

1. Lace-Up Heels

Lace-Up Heels

Lace-up shoes have literally been around for centuries, going all the way back to the Roman Empire! However, they’ve made a big comeback in recent years, particularly for women’s sandals. As of 2021, many designers have taken the popular lace-up style and applied it to both low and high-heeled shoes. If you want to look stunning with shoes that will never go out of style, just try some lace-up heels on for size!

2. Kitten Heels

It’s pretty obvious that the 90s are making a big comeback in fashion. While that may not last forever, the kitten heels that were so popular a few decades ago are making a big comeback in just about every arena, from fashion runways to corporate boardrooms. In addition to being extremely comfortable, kitten heels have the advantage of giving you an extra inch or two of height without greatly affecting mobility. In short, kitten heels are a win-win in just about any environment!

3. Classic Running Shoes

Classic Running Shoes

Today, the modern woman wants to look good, feel comfortable, and be ready to take on anything. While heels might be great for a night out on the town, sometimes you need something that allows for much greater mobility and versatility. Enter the classic running shoe. Today, running shoes are not just for the gym, either. They have become a staple of modern fashion because they dismiss the idea that women have to wear uncomfortable or cumbersome shoes just to look good!

4. Knee-High Boots With Heels

Another throwback to decades past, the knee-high boots with heels are a look that can make anyone feel fierce, attractive, and powerful. While they may not be the most comfortable option on this list, you can choose lower, thicker heels to increase comfort and mobility. Either way, putting on knee-high boots with heels will make you feel like a whole new person!

5. Furry Flip-Flops & Slippers

Woman feet with blue flip flops on the pier

Finally, who doesn’t love a comfortable pair of slippers or flip-flops? In years past, they may not have been fashionable, but now that comfort is “in” again, you can wear them out and about with confidence. In addition to greater breathability, furry flip-flops and slippers look extremely cute and chic!

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