What are the latest trends in the beauty industry?

by Dr Prem Community Writer

The beauty industry has been here for centuries. Even in the old times, the beauty industry had its own charm. The overall business of this industry continues to grow at a dramatic rate. However, the trends keep on changing with the evolution of time and people.

There are hundreds of contemporary trends that tend to amaze the public at large. From cosmetics to apparel, consumers are spending millions of dollars on it. Nevertheless, here are the latest trends in the beauty industry that has taken all the consumers with surprise:

Influx of brands

Gone are the days when there used to be limited number of brands. Now we have a multitude of brands and women are trying to explore as much as they can. This is a considerable part of the generation shift. In fact, consumers are also shifting from the overall idea of brand-orientation. Local brands are consumed at the same rate as reputed brands. Given the access to social media and other digital marketing platforms, local brands have become recognized as well.

More innovation

In earlier times, there was less innovation when it came to the beauty industry. The trend in current times is of more creativity, innovation and exploration. The industry is filled with new entrepreneurs who are trying to bring out new ideas and incorporate them in the industry. This has given more options to the end consumers making the industry a lot more lucrative then it used to be.

Wooden watches


This is perhaps one of the most popular trends in recent times. Wood watches have become very recognized in the last few years due to its rarity, uniqueness, visual appeal and elegance. It is also made out of natural wooden materials which promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness. On the other hand, conventional metal watches are very different from the wooden counterparts. In a nutshell, there are hundreds of reasons why wooden watches are preferred by men and women more compared to the conventional watches.


This is another popular trend that has been prevailing in the industry since a past few years. Gaudiness was the older trend where more cosmetics were preferred compared to today’s approach. Women and men of current age prefer a minimalist approach where less is considered the more. From an objective standpoint, minimalist approach now seems to be more attractive compared to using cosmetics and other beauty products excessively.

Environmental friendliness

Environmental friendlinessBeauty is a billion dollar industry all across the globe. This is why it is essential for the industry to produce with as much sustainability as possible. Keeping this factor in mind, a number of manufacturers have now considered creating eco-friendly products. We are also witnessing a shift towards products with less water in it.

The bottom line

Here were some of the recent trends in the beauty industry. Even though it is not an exhaustive list, these trends tend to be the most popular amongst all.

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