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Floral Street London Poppy Eau de Perfume

What’s better gifting ideas than a nice bottle of perfume? Perfumes are everyone’s favorite and one of essential that you use in daily life.  A fragrance is always a good idea to consider and what’s better than having or gifting a vegan and natural one. There is some interesting vegan perfume gifting ideas for both and women that you can go for without spending much.

Pacifica beauty Tuscan blood orange spray perfume

Pacifica beauty Tuscan blood orange spray perfumeThis perfume has a sweet fragrance which mixes together with all the fresh fruits essence. It combines with juicy and spicy blood orange, raspberry and sweet essence of orange. This fresh perfume comes free of paraben and chemicals. The brand and the maker kept in mind that skin is the most sensitive organ and it needs sustenance and not chemicals. There is a wide range of vegan Cruelty-free perfumes 2018 that have no chemicals in it.

Eden Perfumes in No.7 Eden Number Five

Eden Perfumes in No.7 Eden Number FiveThis is one perfume that once you start using it; you will never go for the designer fragrances again. This perfume has passed the test in the list and its one of the best cruelty-free product. It does not have paraben, preservatives and it’s far away from the animal-derived ingredient. In place of all these preservatives and chemicals, some useful ingredients like natural and essential oils are used. The perfumes have a sweet scent of many fresh flowers like lemon and jasmine which makes it more special and fresh.

In terms of longevity, this product can beat any other perfumes and a stronger smell stays hours after hours.  The bottle looks stylish and easy to use. Coming back to prices, it’s cheaper than the designer fragrances and perfumes which you buy and gives the same effect in terms of fragrance and longevity. You can say it’s much better than these designer perfumes and it is free from chemical, paraben, and cruelty-free which makes it even more special.

Abel Green Cedar

Abel Green CedarAbel’s perfume is the most natural and cruelty-free product we have in the market today.  This is one natural perfume which doesn’t have competition in the market and you can say Abel green cedar is much eco-friendly and Cruelty-free perfumes 2018. It is made with a mix of wild harvested cedar with some sweet fragrances. The best part is this perfume can be worn by both man and women as it is unisex fragrance which comes handy in a nice, unfussy bottle. In terms of long life, it is so lasting that you can even get a light fragrance even after a hot shower.

Overall it’s a nice product but if you look at its negative aspect, the only drawback of this product is its heavy price. Yes, the price is on a higher range and you may think twice before buying this product. But according to the makers, there’s a reason behind its soaring price. The natural and cruelty-free ingredients used in this perfume are superior in terms of its fragrance and all are natural products. Every ingredient is tested and used in its best superior quality. So, you can say it’s a worth buying this product which does not compromise with your skin health and gives you all natural fragrance.

Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar

Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar

One of the best vegan perfumes for men which has a rough spicy scent. This is one perfume for men which won’t give you itchy feel or sneeze attack one after one. Again the fragrance consists of all the best and natural element. The most loved whiskey inspired bottle corresponds well with rich bourbon and musky vanilla fragrances. It inspired by the wood aging process in American distilleries and it can make a nice perfume gifting ideas for men.

Floral Street London Poppy Eau de Perfume

Floral Street London Poppy Eau de PerfumeThis one perfume looks so gorgeous that you want to buy again and again. The packaging is the main highlights of this perfume with a unique picture on it.  As the name suggests, the ingredient also has some contains of a fresh splash of the fruity essence, like citrus, oranges, lemons, and jasmine. As you open the bottle, you will get a burst of different fragrances that compliment with each other and gives a nice scent all around. It never fails to make your day brighter. All the natural products make it a perfect fragrance for you. Coming to the packaging again, the makers used the idea of the degradable cartoon in its packaging. You can make it a nice vegan perfume gifting ideas to give it to your loved one.

Dolma Women’s Vegan Perfume

Dolma Women’s Vegan PerfumeThis Dolma women’s range perfume is made with some of the natural and sourced essential oils. This is also paraben free and there is also no palm oil extract used in this product.  The only synthetic musk is used to maintain the fragrance of this perfume. But it is a certified natural and cruelty-free product option you will get in the market.  If you are thinking of gifting perfume to someone special, this product is the perfect clean perfume vegan for women also to consider. This perfume box comes in a pack in of 12 small cute bottles in a nice gifting box style. All the fragrances are different from one another and you will get a nice burst of fragrance on every use. This long-lasting perfume is warm, fresh and it will keep you fresh and smell nice all day long.

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