Why You Are Better Off Using Vegetable Hair Dyes

Synthetic hair dyes contain a cocktail of chemicals that can affect the hair eventually. This has led to an increase in more natural vegetable hair dyes that are not only safer to use, but cheaper as well. If you are considering coloring your hair, then here are some reasons why you are better off using vegetable hair dyes for the same purpose.

They are not toxic

One of the main reasons why you should opt for vegetable hair dyes is that they are non-toxic. When compared to synthetic dyes, vegetable hair dyes are made of vegetable extracts and nothing else. The colors are derived from the rich colors you see in the vegetables. This means there are no chemicals you need to be scared of, which also means that you are safe to use all the color that you want if you have highly sensitive or allergic skin.

They cause less damage to the hair

Vegetable hair dyes means they don’t cause damage to the hair in the form of alarming side effects as is the case seen with many synthetic hair dyes. Dryness and hair fall are synonymous with synthetic hair dyes. Switch to vegetable hair dyes and you don’t need to worry about them anymore.

They can be used as much as possible

Vegetable hair dyes do not last long. At best, they stay on the hair for a week or so. However, this also means you can use them as much as possible, treating and conditioning your hair to your heart’s content without worrying about dryness, dandruff and hair fall, etc. It also means you can play with all the hair colors that you want without worrying about ending up with a color you don’t like. All you need to do is wait for the color to fade in a week’s time before choosing another color. If you want it to fade sooner, about 10 shampoo operations will do the trick.

They treat hair related issues

Vegetables are commonly used to treat hair issues like hair fall, dandruff and dry scalp, etc. Hence, vegetable hair dyes made of vegetal extracts can be great choices for conditioning your hair. You will be surprised as to how all of your hair related issues disappear within a few weeks of using vegetal hair dyes.

They make your hair look better

Who knew that something as natural as a vegetable extract can make your hair look better with time. Vegetal hair dyes help to nourish the scalp in the process of coloring your hair. They help maintain the moistness of the skin in the scalp and are absorbed better by the hair follicles. This way, you hair becomes softer, bouncier and shinier as you continue to use vegetable hair dyes.

They are cheap

Synthetic hair dyes are expensive and can run you plenty of money in application and touch ups. Vegetable hair dyes are cheaper in comparison. They are easier to apply as well, meaning you can color you hair at the comfort of your home and do as many touchups as possible.

There are plenty of colors to choose from

Many individuals have the general misconception that using vegetable hair colors would restrict them to the number of colors they can choose for their hair. Surprisingly, there are a whole lot of color choices in vegetable hair dyes that can help you sport your preferred choice of hair color with ease. Accordingly, some of the color choices you can opt for include, but are not limited to light blonde, mahogany blonde, violet, plum, crimson, copper blonde, henna red and deep orange, etc. 

Vegetable hair dyes are more preferred these days owing to the myriad benefits they have for the hair and one’s health in general. With all these benefits standing in your way, you will most definitely want to switch to using vegetable hair dyes from now on.

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