Understanding the differences between Modeling and Acting Headshots

Modeling and Acting Headshots

Whether you are an aspiring actor or an aspiring model, the first and most important thing to do is to get proper headshots. Many people think they can use the same headshot for both modeling and acting but that is not the case.

Modeling Headshots

 The careers of most of the models seen in magazines or on television all began with a simple headshot.

Most models want to be cast in fashion and beauty advertising. A headshot should enable a casting director to picture the model selling anything from mouthwash to roller skates.

The purpose of the headshot is not to highlight the model but to sell a lifestyle.The photo needs to express how a person is capable of appearing, rather than about the model herself.

Although a potential customer may be looking at a supermodel when they flip through a magazine or watch a commercial on television, the goal is for that person to be able to picture herself wearing or using that product. Although the model needs to be extremely expressive with her eyes, she does not need to be giving eye contact to the camera. Most pictures have the model looking away from the camera and yet highly expressive.

The first thing the model must do is to get a great photographer. Getting a perfect headshot is of utmost importance. The photographer needs to have many great modeling headshots in their portfolios and on their website.

It is crucial to get a photographer who specializes in model headshots, to ensure the right images required. A photographer who specializes in anything else or who is just a person who loves to take pictures will not do, ever.

After getting a photographer, it is essential to find an expert hair and make-up artist. This person must have experience in doing a natural, clean look.

Like the photographer, this person must be an expert in doing hair and makeup specifically for models. The right photographer will be able to advise the model on how to prepare for the photo shoot in every way.

Acting (Theatrical headshots)

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Television, movies, theatre and film roles all call for theatrical headshots.

An acting headshot is all about selling the actor. The focus is on the actor’s personality, expressions, and character.

The make-up should have no photo retouching. Although model headshots are retouched to remove any flaws, a theatrical headshot needs to show it all.

Any flaws that can’t be covered with simple make-up need to be in the picture. A casting director does not want to be surprised when they meet the actor only to find that he doesn’t look like his headshot.

The actor’s personality is the most important thing and should be easy to identify. Unlike a modeling headshot, headshots for actors need to show whatever attributes are part of the role the actor is seeking to play.

Hundreds, even thousands of headshots come across a casting director’s desk for every audition. Many times the actors look similar to one another. The actor’s headshot needs to stand out with personality and character.

The actor must absolutely project eye contact into the camera. He should get as many pictures taken as possible, depending on the type of roles he is interested in.

A casting director does not have the time to look at a headshot and determine what kind of roles the actor would be suited for. The photos need to make that clear. Whether the actor is going to play the handsome doctor or the evil murderer, it needs to be seen on his face.

If an actor is going to be getting headshots that work for him, he must find the right photographer. The photographer needs to be able to show that the actor is successful and able to portray a variety of roles. The casting director must be able to see beyond the photograph to feel the character.

Although both acting and modeling headshots are essential for a successful career, everything about the process is different. If a person is looking to both model and to act, it would be wise to get two separate photographers. The same level of expertise is important for both.

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