Top things to avoid while scrubbing your face

Skin is the impression of your face as one may conclude well. A healthy and glowing skin makes you look good and feel good as well. Here some things that you should take care of while scrubbing your face.


A healthy and glowing skin is what everyone prefers. Facial care is a really important aspect of your daily cleansing regime and it is important that one does it gently and carefully.

It is important that you clean your face in the right method without too much of scrubbing and rubbing your skin. Those results in your skin getting bruised, swelling up and also ends up getting rough.

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Your cleanser should not have beads in it

The first thing that you should take care off while scrubbing your face is that, your cleanser should not have too many beads in it. It is important to scrub and exfoliate your skin maybe once or twice a week but apart from that too much scrubbing ends up in damaging the skin. Scrubbing on a daily basis can also have a negative impact on the skin.

Too many harsh chemicals leave your skin rough and dry. So it is important that you use a gentle and mild cleanser while scrubbing your skin.

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Avoid too much of acidic products while scrubbing

While scrubbing your face, try avoiding too many acidic products like lemon or citric acid for your skin. Too much citric acid makes you skin dry and rough. Your skin should be kept glowing and oily.

So try and choose products, which are slightly low on the alkaline part with the right amount of Ph balance.


Do not tug and pull the skin too much

You should be gentle on your skin. Try not to pull it up and down when you are scrubbing your skin. Gently scrub your skin in circular motions so that your skin retains its glow and its firmness.


Avoid products with fragrance

One thing that you should avoid while scrubbing your skin is products with too much fragrance. Too much fragrance means too much chemicals, which have an adverse effect on the skin. So try and use products that are gentle and mild and herbal if possible.

Remember that you skin is an important part of your physique and it is important to keep it happy and smiling by using the best products that suit you.

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