Top make up tips from Hollywood

Looking at  your favorite stars walk the red carpet have you have wondered what’s the secret behind their gorgeous make up. Every woman must have wondered at some time how to get that perfect Hollywood type of make -up. Here are certain effective make up tips direct from Hollywood, which you unlock all the secrets you always wanted to know.


First, choose the shade of blush that will compliment your skin tone. Apply it evenly on the apples of the cheeks. Master the art of using the make –up brush in a manner that it sweeps across the cheeks to the tip of the nose. Blending in the blush is the key factor here. Under-eye areas must be brushed very gently when applying the blush.


Concealer is the magic wand of many Hollywood celebrities. Just dab the right amount of concealer and effectively hide any scars or patches you want to hide. Nevertheless, do not overuse it or else your face will look too made up.

No Hollywood look is complete without properly highlighted lips.  Go bold by choosing dark shades, which are in vogue now. Any shade of plum or berry will give you that look. If you are confident then chose a shade of red to make you pout the most enviable one.

Skin care woman putting face cream

Never apply any make- up of the eye from the outer corner to the inner corner. This is a huge mistake and will make your eyes look puffy.  The color of your eye shadow must perfectly compliment your outfit.

These days, shades of gold are much in vogue. First apply a lighter shade then you can mix with a darker shade to get those beautiful eyes you always have admired.

A little bit of shimmer goes a long way to make you look like the diva you always looked up to when it came to make up. But extra use of shimmer must be totally avoided. Just a bit of it is enough to give you that soft glow and leaves you feeling as fresh as a flower.


These days one product, which has really been preferred by many celebrities of Hollywood and their make-up artists, is the highlighting powder.

A bit of highlighting powder used on the brow bone and then blending it up to the  bridge of nose and also brushing it on the cheeks is a good way to get that Hollywood look you always wanted.


Apart from just concentrating on your face only, try to keep a close check on every part of your body that is being exposed. While flaunting great outfits it is very necessary to keep your arms, legs and other parts free from any unwanted scars. Conceal these scars if needed.

That perfect tattoo of yours on the back that you wish to flaunt won’t look very appealing if you do not take proper care of the back. Exfoliate properly and if needed.  Apply make- up which blends in correctly with it.

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