Top ideas to do your hair up for summer weddings

Summer is the time when wedding bells toll. However, you have to look at your best during this time. Everything needs to be in place along with your skin, your clothes and last but not the least your hair. Here are some ideas to do up your hair this summer wedding.


Curly hair

Summer seasons are hot, humid and really irritating and this is the time when you need to manage your hair at its best. The best way to do up your hair is tie in up into a high ponytail or a top know to complement with your wedding sari.

Brides with really curly hair usually end up with frizzy hair due to humidity. The hair tends to turn oily and sticky. The best way to manage curly hair is using de-frizzy products. Use a soft conditioner or some serum to do up your hair into a top knot or a bun with some ends hanging loose for an elegant look.

Shampoo your hair well and then try out some conditioner for smoothening your hair.


Smooth and straight hair

Brides who have straight smooth and silky hair also may have trouble in maintaining their hair in the summer season. Humidity can transform your hair into a total mess and make it limp. The best way to tie up your hair so that it doesn’t go limp is by brushing the hair properly and by pulling it all up in a top knot or a bun.

A low bun can look really stylish and elegant as well and you can really pair it up with some wonderful looking jewels and hair bands. You can also tie your hair up into a ponytail so that it does not touch your neck. The hot summers can really be irritating for the bride. So the best way is to tie up the hair without letting it loose. If you have really long hair, you can also tie up your hair into a braid so that it looks elegant, silky, smooth and stylish.

Complement the hair braid with the help of some small white flowers and some white feathers. Straight hair can be well plated into a braid. These hairstyles and best for the summer weather and ideal for any weather as well. Try it out, complement it with some lovely piece of jewellery, and you will look beautiful as ever on your wedding.

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