Top Clean Beauty Trends of 2020

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Beauty is as beauty does has never been truer. We know that inner beauty is ultimately what counts, but the skin-deep beauty is a matter of importance to all women, as our self-esteem and feel good factor is associated with it. Making oneself look as beautiful as possible while caring for the environment at the same time is what clean beauty is all about. Check out the top clean beauty trends of 2020.

Top clean beauty trends of 2020

Clean beauty products are classified as those which are non-toxic to you and the environment. Due to the increasing consciousness of customers like you, the clean beauty market is growing. Some of the trends you will see are:

1. Reusing the packaging

Reusing the packagingInstead of just sending the package for recycling and then not having to think about it is going to change. Earlier it was all about sending the empty packages for recycling. But the emerging trend is to manufacture packaging which can be used several times. The consumers can send or give it to the brand, which then fills it up and sends it back.

Terracycle has a Loop Program in place which people living in Paris and New York can utilize. The participating brands, such as Ren, have eco-friendly packaging such as glass bottles. The bottles are washed and refilled, then sent back, thus eliminating the use of plastic.

Other brands such as Follain as well as Bathing Culture have an option to refill in the store or consumers can order refill pouches. Many organic beauty brands also have reusing packaging options too.

2. Naked packaging

Some clean beauty product manufacturers are ditching the packaging altogether. As millions of tons of packaging made from plastic is dumped in the oceans and landfill, brands like Lush have come up with a range of products such as bathing bars, shampoo bars, conditioners and more. The company claims that since the year 2005, 41 million shampoo bars were sold, eliminating plastic the weight of 30 blue whales.

The trend for naked packaging has been observed in other brands as well, and in 2020 you will come across many such products which do not have any kind of packaging.

3. Clean perfumes

Clean perfumesA whiff of heavenly fragrance is the finishing touch to your beauty regime. Perfumes however are chock full of chemicals such as phthalates which can damage the endocrine and reproductive system. Switching to non-toxic perfume is the step you might take with the emergence of this group of clean beauty trends in cosmetics.

4. Recycling

This is not a new trend but is expected to go strong in 2020. For the brands which cannot commit to circular system, the next best option is recycling and using recycled plastic. Some of the brands which cater to mass consumers such as Dove, have committed to using recycled plastic.

5. Personalized skin care products

Personalized skin care productsSkincare, whether it is organic beauty or natural beauty care, customers are looking for products which are suited for their particular type of skin. The specialized product range is being manufactured to tailor their specific needs, such as non-comedogenic, sensitive skin, anti-aging and so on.

Skinceutical and Curology have been the game changers in this respect. They have come up with personalized products for consumers who want to treat their adult acne. Acne is a problem which is individual to every person, so the personalized cosmetics have been grabbed up by the consumers. This trend is going to be more obvious in 2020, as other brands follow suit.

6. Products targeting sensitive skin

Dermatologists have seen an increase in sensitized skin due to increased stress, pollution and other aggressors. According to a study done by the Environmental Working Group in US, on an average, US  women are exposed to 126 chemicals from cleaning supplies, food and pollution. More than anti-ageing, the focus is now on skin sensitivity and natural, low chemical products.

7. Simpler formulations

CBD oil beauty productsAs clean beauty advocates pay attention to the ingredients, brands are using minimal ingredients and creating simple formulations. People want to be able to read and understand as well as pronounce the ingredients, especially ingredients such as CBD oil. The shift to sustainable and environment friendly products is behind this green skincare trend.

8. Transparent labels

There are many brands which claim to be ‘clean’, but if you read the ingredients, you would come across fragrances, parabens and other chemical, and sometimes the chemical composition is printed, which means nothing to the layman. One of the clean beauty trends is to use non-toxic ingredients and printing all of them, to be 100% transparent.

9. Waterless skincare

natural beauty treatment skincareClean water will become a priceless commodity in a few years. It is the most common ingredient in the beauty industry and reducing water use will lead to saving a huge amount of water over the years. Asian natural beauty treatment skincare brands use not water but botanical ingredients to hydrate the skin. Consumers can have more effective, potent products and water can be conserved too.

10. Unisex products

Cosmetic products are no longer used just by women, but also by men. They are equal consumers of cleansers, moisturizers, deodorant and sunscreens and so on. The trend for 2020 is to become more inclusive, not only ethnicities but also all genders.

There is the ‘pink tax’ when cosmetics for women cost more than men’s for similar products such as shaving cream, razors and so on. Unisex cosmetics is making a statement of inclusivity, a message that cosmetics should not be the purview of only one gender.

11. Avoiding highly pigmented makeup

Avoiding highly pigmented makeup2019 was a year when most of the YouTube beauty gurus produced their own brand or products, most of which are pigmented. This lets you create dramatic, bold makeup in fascinating colors. This pigmented makeup is best avoided as they have un-eco-friendly ingredients, and might react with your skin. Instead clean makeup is usually muted and neutral, but do you really need such bright and beautiful colors at the cost of the environment?

12. SPF finishing spray

SPF protects your skin and should be used every day, but lasts only for about 90 minutes. And on top of it, the SPF has to be applied over makeup which is a big hassle. The latest beauty trend promises to resolve this, with the advent of SPF sprays. These sprays are available from the companies such as COOLA, Seriously FAB, Supergoop and so on, which are non-toxic as well. This is a green skincare trend, as the brand mentioned above are mineral sunscreens rather than chemicals.

14. Less is more

checking the beauty brandsPerhaps the trend which is going to make an impact in 2020, is not anything related to makeup or skincare. Rather, it is the trend to step away from using tons of products and layering, and following minimalism in beauty.

Many beauty influencers as well as vloggers are embracing this trend, and others are expected to follow. It’s about using what you have, and not buying the latest update of your favorite brand to avoid all the packaging and fuel miles associated with the products. Which you don’t really need!

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