Top 6 tips organic ways to treat acne

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While most of the acne sufferers resort to acne creams containing parabens, emulsifiers, synthetics and other chemicals they fail to recognize the fact that acne is an internal problem and at the first instance it needs to be treated internally. Julie Gabriel, author of Clear Skin tips on the internal treatment of acne with organic ingredients and they are as follows:

1. Balanced and nutritious diet is the first cure to acne.

2. Analysis of the impact of various skincare ingredients on skin might help the acne patient to discern the right skincare product from the wrong.

3. Keeping stress at bay through different relaxation therapies, might also keep acne at bay.

4. Eat foods rich in Vitamin E, as they are good antioxidants, which detoxify your system in the most effective way.

5. Look out for homemade facial recipes for application on acne or post-acne marks.

6. Recognize your skin type and choke out your own skin care plan.

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