Hemorrhoid ‘ointment’ used as a ‘cosmetic’ might numb facial tissues

hemmorrhoid 7

German drug maker Schering has reportedly warned consumers to stop the use of hemorrhoid cream under eyes or on their faces, following a statement made by a male stylist on Norwegian television, regarding the increases usage of hemorrhoid cream by models reduce after-sleep puffiness of face.

Facts provided that many beauty magazines in the US are advising the usage of hemorrhoid cream, which is primarily prescribed for hemorrhoids and for application around the opening of large intestines. In spite of precautions and specifications of application of this cream on the pharmaceutical labels, consumers use this medicine as a skin care product.

Most of the hemorrhoid creams contain vasoconstrictors like witch hazel or phenylephrine HCI, which constricts the opening of a blood vessel, but these vasoconstrictors when applied as face creams can inhibit the blood flow, oxygen and other nutrients to the skin.

Therefore, it is wiser in part of beauty models to get witch hazel in its organic state rather than have it as a part of a pharmaceutical concoction and deaden the tissues at the end of the day.