Top 5 beauty tips to make him fall in love with you all over again

It is every woman’s dream to make her man go crazy about her. Making a man go gaga about your look is not a very difficult job to do. All you need is some extra effort and patience. If you are gloomy and look sad and depressed every time you see him, then you cannot expect him to be crazy about you. If you want to keep the spark alive in your romantic life then you need to take care of yourself and keep him giving surprises. Here are some of the tips to make his blood pressure rise:

beauty tips

1. Use blue eye make up to amp up your bedroom eyes:

Give your man a surprise by swapping in some navy eye shadow on your eyes. The navy color will give a completely different and sophisticated smoky look to you. Change your personality by changing your eye shadow color. Apply the navy color to both the eye lids and the lower lash line and feel the difference.

2. Flash him your sexy and bright smile:

A smile is something that will brighten up your man’s day. A bright and flashy will never go unnoticed. You can make your smile look even better by brightening your teeth and highlighting the apples of your cheeks with a glowy blush.

3. Get bedhead waves the lazy girl way:

Change the way your man looks at you by changing the way you tie your hair. Do away with the old fashioned pony tails and make your hair look sexy with bouncy waves. If you are not blessed with nice wavy hair then damp your hair and go to bed that way. Next morning use an ironing rod to give your hair a wavy sexy look.

4. Combo of dewy skin and sexy heels:

Nothing will impress your man better than your sexy long legs with a pair of high heels. Wear a sexy dress with high heels to catch his attention and make him go crazy about your looks. Sexy dresses flatter your beautiful shape and make you look beautiful enough to impress him. To add extra touches to it apply a shimmery moisturizing lotion to your legs to give them a sexy golden pink sheen.

5. Use highlighter to get your glow on:

Men always like beautiful glowing girls, so to be the girl of your man’s dreams put on some highlighter for the perfect luminous effect. Dewy skin and doe eyes completely complement each other. So to get the perfect luminous look use fans brush to get the c shape. Start of the process by starting up from the inner core of the eye and the moving toward the brow bone. Then move the brush to the cheekbone. Follow the steps on the other side as well. Finish the process by running down under the nose and then the chin area and finally above the middle of your lip area. Apply some few false lash cluster at the outer corners of the eye to complete the look.

Follow these tips and make him fall in love with you all over again!

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