Best makeup brands to look for

‘Makeup’ is the word that itself brings shine into the eyes of a woman. Females have been known to use makeup and cosmetics since 3500 B.C. Certainly, the entire concept of cosmetics and makeup has changed in thousands of years, but one thing remains the same, that is- makeup enhances your physical attractiveness and appearance, which is why women love it! Creams, lotions, nail polish, sanitizers, scrubbers, face washes, foundations, blushers, liners, lip gloss and several other products can make you look sexy, adorable, cute, feminine, flirty, classy, elegant and ravishing. All you need to do is buy perfect makeup that will not just glorify your appearance, but will also take care of your skin and its needs. It is true that buying the best makeup for yourself can be difficult. So, we have a combined a list of best makeup brands in the world. This list will help you know which makeup cosmetics you need to grab the next time you go to a mall.

Best make up brands in the world

1. Maybelline

Owned by L’Oreal Group, Maybelline tops the list of best makeup brands in the world with a global share of 7.4 percent. The product got its name when New York chemist T.L. Williams saw his sister Maybel in 1915, applying a coat of Vaseline and coal dust to give her eyes a darker and fuller look. Since then, the chemist worked in his small laboratory and produced a product called ‘Lash-Brow-lne.’ Later the product was named Maybelline, a combination of Maybel and Vaseline. The product was an instant hit and since then there has been no looking back for the company. Apart from eye makeup, the lip glosses of this brand are particularly famous for their floral colors and smell. What makes this makeup brand one of the best is that it could be used everyday and is pretty affordable.

2. Avon

With 5.4 percent share in global market, Avon is the second best makeup brand in the world and the best multi-level marketing makeup company. Avon products are considered to be quite skin friendly. Apart from this, the Avon Foundation for Women is the largest corporate affiliated philanthropy for women. The presence of this makeup brand is strong in over 140 countries. The products are sold through brochures and door to door sale through which users advertise the products.

3. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Group owns more than 20 makeup brands around the world. Their L’Oreal Paris comes third on this list with a global market share of 5.3 percent. They have so many products to woo females. The hair color, hair serum, foundations, lip colors, creams, lotions and hundreds of other products are used all around the world. The products are little pricey, but users believe that the quality of the products completely justifies the price.

4. Lancome

This is another one from L’Oreal Group that manages to grab a 4 percent share in the global market. This luxury brand offers great products in skin care. The brand is endorsed and represented by several celebs who love the makeup and cosmetics offered by this brand. Founded in 1935, this brand has collaborated with a number of makeup artists like Fred Farrugia, Aaron De Mey and Sandy Linter who help in creation of several products. Lancome’s Juicy Tubes lip is very famous. At the same time, the brand also provides several unique products that provide beauty at every age.

5. Clinique

Most of the women who love eye liner opt for Clinique Quick eye liner which is easy to use and long lasting. With global share of 3.6 percent, Clinique’s all products are allergy tested. Owned by Estee Lauder Corporation, this brand is favored by people with sensitive skin. The products are regularly tested and are especially designed depending upon the skin type of the potential user. The brand assumes that care for all skin conditions is essential.

6. Revlon

With a global share of 3.3 percent, Revlon ranks sixth in this list. The company was founded in 1932 and became an instant success by selling opaque nail enamel. The brand aims at offering quality products at affordable prices. The make up range is large and one can buy appropriate products. The best thing is that the sponsors of this brand support events raising awareness and finances for female health issues.

7. Estee Lauder

This is another prestigious, luxury brand that has 2.9 percent share in the market. The brand is also the parent company of several other brands like MAC cosmetics, Origins, Clinique and Donna Karen. The creams and fragrances of this product have a special place in the hearts of women who love makeup.

8. Max Factor

From Proctor and Gamble Corporation, Max Factor is the 8th best makeup brand in the world which holds a 2.8 percent share in the global market. Max Factor is the name of the individual who started the brand in 1909 (died in 1938). The brand is credited with the development of Pan-Cake that was used in the earlier Technicolor films to reduce the slight sheen on the skin from Panchromatic makeup that reflected surrounding colors. The product was one of the first to offer the advantage of concealing imperfections and the skin and providing it a matte finish.

9. Cover girl

With 2.7 percent share in the market, this is another makeup brand from Proctor and Gamble that has won hearts of millions of teenage girls and young females. Today, the brand also includes a wide range of products especially designed for middle aged females. The brand does not provide direct customer service, but provides a wide variety of cosmetics at reasonable prices. Many successful models have worked for Cover Girl. The brand is known for allowing models to use their products. Jennifer O’ Neill is the most recognized face of this brand.

10. Shiseido

This is the oldest cosmetics manufacturing company in the world and the fourth largest cosmetics company. This brand is Japanese in origin and provides famous hair care products. This brand holds a distinct reputation and a global share of 2.2 percent. The hydro eye shadow with creamy texture is one of the top beauty picks from this brand. The fine line of makeup products and cosmetics including lip, eye and face products make it the tenth best makeup brand in the world.

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