Top 10 waterproof mascaras to make your eyes ravishing

Cynosure of all eyes

If eyes speak more than words then applying a mascara shimmers and glorifies those words. A woman’s eyes are always a point of admiration and have remained a muse for the poets and painters. There are several beauty care products which lasses opt in order to enhance the pulchritude of the eyes. Mascaras have always remained a must thing in every gal’s vanity kit. They enhance the eyes and make those look ravishing. You must have used waterproof make up and now it’s time that you look for waterproof mascaras that doesn’t go away even if you shed tears. Mascaras are available in different types. You can look for thickening mascara if you have long but thin eyelashes. To give a slender look to your lashes, go for the curling mascara and for those who have short eyelashes can look for the lengthening mascara. To help you in this cause, here is a compiled list of 10 waterproof mascaras for your gracious eyes:

1. Maybelline great lash waterproof mascara

Price: $4.99

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

This waterproof mascara has intense dark effect on your eyelashes. It has the lash doubling formula which makes the lashes look thick and many in number. Maybelline lash glides smoothly on the eyelash without causing any sort of irritation. One thing which you are going to love about this product is that it conditions the lashes it the mascara gets thicken. It hardly forms any clump, globs or smudges. This mascara is sure to intensify the sensuousness in your eyes. You can apply this even if you wear contact lens and it’s moreover hypoallergenic and has no such side effects. Few things which you need to be careful while using this product is that don’t dilute the mascara with water or saliva and also don’t apply this in moving vehicle.


Being waterproof is sufficient enough for a woman to purchase this. But there are other significant features as well which needs to be kept in mind. It has lash doubling formula which enhances and makes the lashes thick and mesmerizing. You can wear this all day long.


This mascara applies evenly on your eyelash

It adds volume to the lashes, thereby giving a thick look

It adds length to your eyelashes

No possibility of getting clumped while applying evenly

2. Avon wash-off waterproof mascara

Price: $6.50

Avon Wash-off Waterproof Mascara

Avon wash off waterproof mascara as the name suggests easily gets washed away with soap and water. Therefore, you don’t need to spend your extra time in removing the mascara. This is streak free and adds shine to your eyes. The overall reviews being given for this product are wonderful and the customers using it are satisfied. Your eyes are surely going to fall in love with this mascara. It’s eye friendly and doesn’t cause any sort of irritation as it is hypoallergenic. You can wear it beautifully all day and feel the goodness inside. This mascara is available in two shades, which are black and brown.


This is wash off waterproof mascara and this is the most important silent feature of the product. Being ophthalmologist tested you can completely rely upon the comfort ability of the product. Also, if you look at the design of the brush you will get to see the intricate cutting done. This has been specially to help in applying the mascara in a better way.


Available in two shades

Pocket friendly

Stays for longer period of time

Comes in a sophisticated pack

3. Yves Saint Laurent ever long waterproof mascara

Price: $32

Yves Saint Laurent Everlong waterproof mascara

This has the uniqueness that it promotes the growth of eye lashes which hardly any other mascara does. Being water proof your eyes are going to remain as beautiful as ever, even in water. The brush is also highly defined and perfectly designed for the utmost care of your sensitive eyelashes. Calling this a modern design brush won’t be wrong. For your extra longing this mascara comes in five exotic shades. You can choose from black, peach, blue, royal blue and magenta. Soon after applying this you are sure to get instant and long lasting lengthening effects. Trying this mascara will be equivalent to learning a new art of seduction.


This is revolutionary mascara with modern design brush. This helps in applying the mascara with ease and you won’t have trouble while applying it. The long lasting effect which you get is astonishing. This is not only waterproof but the cover is also water resistant. Yves Saint Laurent comes in a glamorous pack which adds to its appeal factor. The price is reasonable and fashion freaky gals would love to have this product in their kitty.


Lash growth booster

Makes the lashes look appealing

Modern designed brush

4. Dior DiorShow Blackout waterproof mascara

Price: $24.50

Dior DiorShow Blackout Waterproof Mascara

This product is for those women who don’t leave the house without putting on the mascara. Dior Diorshow black out mascara is ultra black and when applied on the eyelash your eyes turn dark with the black effect. This mascara adds raunchiness to your looks and makes the eyes dramatic. As soon as you move the brush on your eyelashes it feels like the mascara is getting automatically applied as is slides smoothly and gives a subtle look. You can simply wear this while applying the regular make up. The customers have given kudos to this product just after one use.


The Dior mascara has a specialty that it comes in extreme dark shade and the brush is also well defined. Due to its waterproofing properties mascara won’t go even while you are having fun time in the pool. It has the ability that can make a simple girl turn glamorous. The brand speaks the rest.


Extra dark


5. Maybelline New York define-a-lash volume mascara

Price: $7.59

Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara

The Maybelline mascara adds volume to your eyelashes. This product has got rave reviews from all the women who have used it. The plastic brush used in this is flexible unlike other mascaras. The shape of the brush is hour glass and that makes it stylish. With the spiky bristles it will be easy for you to apply over your eyelashes. Moreover, this mascara is ophthalmologist tested and is certainly safe for those damsels who use contact lens.


The hourglass shape of the brush is sure to take all the points and get admiration. The sexy pink bottle in which this mascara is manufactured steals the limelight. You are sure to praise the creator of this product. This volumizing mascara has won an award for the Best of Beauty 2007.


Lasts long


The spiky bristle and the hourglass shape brush is lovely

This mascara perfectly defines the lashes

6. CoverGirl professional remarkable washable waterproof mascara

Price: $14.50

CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof Mascara

The covergirl mascara is smudge proof and gives a subtle look to your eyelash. It stays all day long and the color effect is extremely dark. This is really good for the lasses who have sensitive eyes. Covergirl mascara will definitely take proper care of your eyes as the ingredients present in the mascara help to elongate your thin and short eyelash. It creates nice length and volume. You are sure going to forget he clumps or globs because this mascara doesn’t have those bad effects. The bristle of the mascara brush is properly fragmented so that while the brush is running on the lash no color gets distributed proportionally. You can also use this with fake eyelashes.


The USP of this product is that it is available in two different shades from which you can choose from. This product is perfect for sensitive eyes and so all those women who are very much concerned about the safety of their eyes can go for applying this product.


This has been ophthalmologist tested

Comes in black and brown shade

7. Benefit BADgal lash waterproof mascara

Benefit BADgal Lash Waterproof Mascara

Price: $ 19.00

This mascara has a slimline brush which makes it easy to apply. Badgal lash mascara dries instantly, soon after the application. So, if you want to make your eyelashes look ostentatious this mascara is just the perfect thing to be used. It doesn’t forms smudge or flake during the time you apply. Your eyelashes are sure to look voluminous. Be ready to experience the dramatic feel after you apply this. It can be bit difficult to remove if you don’t know the proper way of removing the eyelash. Perhaps, this can be the best mascara you are looking for. You can get this mascara in two different colors of rich black and deep plum.


The unique selling point about this product is the brush used which gives a thick look to the mascara. Your eyes are sure to dazzle with sanguinity. Be sure that once you apply this mascara you can chivalrously walk and make others fall for you.


Available in two different shades

Perfect for cocktail parties

No need to wear fake eyelashes once you have applied this

8. Neutrogena healthy volume waterproof mascara

Price: $7.99

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Waterproof Mascara

Neutrogena brings for you the best mascara which you always longed for. It not just coats your lashes rather builds them from inside out. This mascara comes with the richness of olive oil which makes it even more desirable and fruitful to use. This is dermatologist tested so you don’t need to worry about any type of side effect which this product can cause. The type of brush which is used in the mascara is supersized for extra deepening and conditioning. You are sure to get no smudges or flakes while applying the mascara.


It conditions the eyelash making it soft. This product is available in two shades which is carbon black and brown. Definitely, this can be titled as the best waterproof mascara. Neutrogena mascara is ideal for sensitive hair.


It adds volume to your lashes

Gets applied evenly

It never clumps

9. Laura Mercier waterproof mascara

Price: $20.00

Laura Mercier Waterproof Mascara

The best attributes of this wonder product are lengthening, defining, voluminous, non- irritating and stay for prolonged period of time. And after you apply this get ready to be praised by every onlooker. Your eyes are sure to dazzle with all its might. It won’t easily rub off because of the water proof quality. The mascara glides on easily on the lash thus you won’t find any smudge or flake. The overall customer review about this product is very good and women have tried this more than ones.


This is water resistant and long lasting. When you apply this mascara it voluminizes your lashes making it bodacious and beautiful. Moreover, it gives a dramatic look. The packaging of the product is classy and women would love to flaunt this is their kitty. Just get one for yourself and see the change.


Gives beautiful and smooth eyelashes

Lasts long


Eye friendly

10. Inimitable waterproof mascara

Price: $30

Inimitable waterproof Maskara

As the name suggests this mascara is one of a kind and the black colored steak in which it comes looks absolutely glamorous. This one also delivers all you need from volume to precise separation of the eye lashes. Being waterproof it is suitable for the women with oily skin. This mascara is enriched with pro vitamin B5 which hydrates and conditions the eye lashes. The brush design used in this is just amazing and this has been done in such a way that the mascara slides properly on the lashes, thereby not causing smudges or flakes.


The elegant design of the brush and the outer cover of the mascara are mind blowing. Appling this makes the lashes supple and soft. That is the reason why more people go for this product. The noir shade is the best which the makers of this product could have given. It’s highly effective and has got rave reviews.


Unique brush design

Makes the lashes look supple and soft

Prefect for sensitive eyes

The noir color used is amazing

The bristle of the brush is outrageous

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