9 Celeb inspired Halloween makeup ideas

Celebrity halloween makeup ideas

Halloween is a great celebration and most of them like to come up different and unique makeup ideas. Some like to adorn themselves just like their favorite icon. There are still others, the adventurous, who like to come up with spooky and fearful makeup making their concept fall in line with the idea of the occasion. What do celebrities have to do on such occasions? Let us catch up with some 9 celeb inspired Halloween makeup ideas.

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry

The stunning girl from California has the looks of a candy-coated and exaggerated version of glamor of old Hollywood. The use of bright and pink eye shadow was very popular along with the light brown shade in the crease. Use the eyeliner for highlighting your eyes and make it fatter as you go towards the outside. It has a dramatic endpoint towards the eyebrows. For highlighting the brow bone add the Mac vanilla concealer or shadow. Fill the brows with brown color eyebrow pencil especially in an arched shape. Use bold cherry color lipstick and shimmer on the cheek bones for getting the retro look.

2. Kesha


In order to get the Stardust-meets-grunge makeup and looks, you need to first get a lot of makeup supply form your local store. Pick a lot of gold and silver leaf. The thin sheets can be safely used on your skin. First, use your black eyeliner and smudge it well over the eyes to get a ‘slept-in’ look. Bronze the skin well and then use a plum-tinted lip color. Now apply the gold and silver leaves or any other shapes on one eye. If you do not wish to use the metal choose the pure color pigments, draw the shape and then use it in the shape for getting the required shapes.

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

If you wish to imitate her looks, then use bold brows and have smokey, warm and chocolate eye. First use a black liner for the inner rim of the eye and then smoke it with a brown chocolate shadow. Use false lashes at the top and mascara for the bottom lashes. Fill the bows wide and full in an Egyptian shape. The ends go almost to the edge of your nose. Use a peach blush and matte lipstick. For accenting the cleavage try using a bronzer.

4. Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Dita is better known for her porcelain and classic skin. If you want to achieve this look, use a full coverage foundation with matte finish. The cheeks can be highlighted with the pinup-esque pink. For the eyes, a wash of pale blue till the brow bone is good. Apply generous amount of waterproof mascara on the upper eye lashes and a small amount at the bottom. Fill the eye brows in an old classic Hollywood pattern. For added effect decorate the top of the cheekbone with a black mole. For the lips use an intense ruby red matte finish lipstick. Now use loose porcelain powder on the face for getting a vintage look.

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor has a pretty and soft look just like the music of country crooner. A lilac eye shadow can do the magic with a line on the top eye lid. Use liquid liner for a soft wing, Taylor’s trademark makeup. The bottom lash line can be smudged with a little brown liner. On the apple of the cheek, use a pink blush along with a bronzer on the cheekbone. Line your lips with a pink pencil first and the fill with lip gloss. Using the gloss alone will not be as effective as using a matching color lip liner.

6. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

If you want to look like the Burlesque star, think of Marilyn Monroe. The make is an exaggerated version of the famous yesteryear star. First, you need to fill the eyebrows in an exaggerated shape using a brown pencil. Use a cream color shadow for highlighting the eyelid. The liquid eyeliner should be used in a winged shape with some thickness in the middle. On the lips, use the Mac lip liner with bold red matte finish. The rest of the face can be left with a matte finish and simple looking.

7. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

You can achieve the Lady Gaga looks if you are able to achieve the nouveau-geisha lips. Begin the makeup with a concealer on the skin and coat the whole lips also. Cover it up with powder. Keep your lips closed and with the help of a black liner draw a heart shape in the middle of the lips. The bottom of the heart has to be rounded. Fill the shape fully with the liner. Top the design with some waxy lip balm. In order to set the look dab some powder on the lips. Try to keep the lips as dry as possible to prevent slippage or bleeding. Then it can last longer.

8. Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

In order to avoid any mess during makeup, apply the eye shadow first. So you can keep your face clean and apply the rest of the makeup properly. First, line your eyes with black eyeliner. Now use a fluffy brush for the eye shadow and make thick lines on both top and bottom of the eyelids. To have a cloudier effect graduate the line towards the outside. If there is excess, use a baby wipe to remove it. After the eye makeup, apply the foundation and the concealer. Carry some Q-tips in your bag for cleaning up the mess or smudges.

9. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Vampire is one of the best themes for Halloween. Make up like Katie Holmes and create an eerie atmosphere all around. In order to achieve this look, first use a light colored foundation all over the face. Then use a light brown eye shadow around your eyes. Use a thick brush for creating a smudgy effect. Use the black liner to highlight the eyes. Use eye lash on the top eye lid. With help of a red pencil draw some blood marks on the lips and near the corner of one eye. For added effect, smear some red drops on the chin. Keep them dry to prevent smudging or bleeding.

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