Denim, woolies protect the best from sun, not sunscreen: Experts

wear denim and woolies this summer 9With the summers in, make denim your fashion statement. It’s not because, the trend is in for this hot summer, but it is to help you keep the sun’s rays away. Scientists have suggested the people living in UK to wear thick fabrics like denim or wool to combat the heat’s injuries with yet another hot summer around the corner.

So, if you have been planning some traditional thinner fabrics for this summer — such as cotton and linen — as usual, mind it, they may prove much less effective in saving your skin from the sun’s rays.

Hold on, if even if you are banking on those sunscreens for your skin’s protection, as they have been considered as the least effective option by the Swiss researchers reviewing 500 studies from across the world on the various ways by which people protect their skin.

So, let denims and woolies dominate your, this summer wardrobe and don’t forget to keep your sunscreen in the ‘last line of defence’. I hope the UK cancer experts would agree with this.

Photo; parkerranch

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