Get gel glitter toes at home

Glitter Gel NailsSummer is already here and its time to indulge in some serious pampering. The glittering toes are such a rage these days and the best part about this technique is that it take about 6 months to bring your nails back to normal. However, not many are fan of the actual professional way of getting glittered nails. The gel used professionally has to be filed in a special way that makes your toe nails thin and susceptible to damage.

This summer there is a wonderful way of doing it at home and with a much safer way. So why not give it a try!

Things Needed

• Anti-bacterial nail spray
• Orange stick
• 180 grit nail file
• Soft cloth
• Nail prep primer
• Glitter or glitter nail polish
• Nail gel
• 36 watt UV lamp
• Gel cleaner
• Cotton balls

How To

Generously spray your nails with the anti-bacterial spray. Next, using the Orange stick gently push back the cuticles as far as possible. Nail gel are not quite friendly with the cuticle and can hurt really bad when it pulls away from the skin as the nails grows.

Using the 180 grit nail file smooth out your nails. Use a soft cloth to remove the dust or wash hands and feet with soap and dry them properly.

Now again spray your toenails with the anti-bacterial spray and follow up by applying a layer of nail prep primer.

Now mix the glitter into the nail gel and paint your nails.

Now apply a small amount of gel to each toenail evenly and carefully turnover on your belly and hold your feet upside down to make sure that the gel is in place.

Now put your toes under the UV lamp to dry the coat completely. Remember not to keep your nails under the UV lamp for more than 30 seconds.

Once the clear nail is set, you can put on the glitter gel.

Paint the color gel in the same way as the clear gel, gently gliding over remembering not to push down.

Put your nails back in the UV light. Colors take longer than gels to set, so remember to read the directions on the bottles.

Put on at least two coats to get the desired effect. For best result, you can apply three coats.

Once the nails are done, you can use a good topcoat as well. The topcoat also hardens under the UV lights giving a nice glassy finish.


  • The gel should be applied thicker than regular nail polish.
  • Apply the gel to the edge of the nail to make it wear long.
  • To make it look darker add another coat of gel and glitter.
  • The nails take about 5 minutes to dry, about an hour to harden, and 12 hours to fully cure. So you need to wait for at least an hour before slipping into closed toe shoes.
  • Clean any gel you get around the cuticles immediately as it can develop problems later.

Happy Summer!

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