How to Beat Winter Dullness on Skin

The winter season is already and unfortunately so is the worries of dry and flaky skin; usually the skin becomes dry when there is not enough moisture in it and during winter this skin condition can be aggravated during the cold and dry winter air. Here are some useful tips that that can help you manage extremely dry skin in winters:

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Stay Hydrated:

Since dry skin occurs when there is less moisture in the skin, the first remedy that you should consider works from the inside out. Drink a lot of fluids such as soups, herbal teas and water regularly. Within a short amount of time, you should that your skin will be less dry than it is usually, you will also notice that you skin will be clearer as you will have flushed out a number of toxins from you body.



Your skin is very porous and loses a lot of moisture during the winters, so make sure that you have a good quality moisturizer ready and apply this frequently as moisturizer wear out easily. A moisturizer acts as sealant for your skin and locks in the moisture therefore preventing the skin from drying out. Honey is a good moisturizer and can be applied to the skin for fifteen minutes and then just simply washed off.

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Our skin sheds over a million tiny dead skin cells each day, this shedding process makes your skin look dry during winter. If you have dry skin, use a good exfoliant face wash or scrub to slough away those dead skin cells. If your skin is usually oily, then you can use oatmeal paste to scrub away dead skin cells from your face and body. if you skin is dry throughout the year and gets worse during the winter, the mix some grains of sugar in come olive oil and use this as a scrub just before you step into the shower.


Remove Makeup:

Keep make up only for the parties during the holidays, make sure that you remove all traces before you go to bed. The chemicals used in makeup and cosmetics today are suitable for the skin but has drying effects in the skin and can worsen the skin that is already dry. If you develop any rashes as a result of this, visit your dermatologists.

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