Five personal care products that you can prepare yourself instead of buying

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Do you know exactly what ingredients are used in making personal care products that you use in your home; if not, this article is for you. Many of us may don’t know what impact it might make to your appearance and health. We know only problems we are facing like skin issues, early sign of aging etc. Why not make something of your own, this way you would know what you are putting in it. Here are some top personal products that you can make easily at your home.



Commercial perfumes are made of untested chemicals that are obtained from petroleum and other synthetic chemicals. Making your own perfume at home with vodka and essential oils is quite easy; and, you can save a lot of money.



In villages, people still use some brick, salt or ash to clean their teeth, whereas in urban areas many people uses a tube filled with some unknown ingredients to make their teeth glow. You can make simple toothpaste with a teaspoon of baking soda, half teaspoon of salt, few drops of citrus and a few drops of water. Mix the ingredients in a small pot and combine it until it gets thick.


Mineral Oil

The most commonly used cosmetic product in home is mineral oil.  It can replace several lotions. You can make it by using several vegetables oils, olive, wheat germs, peanut or whatever you like. Just smooth it with your fingers, and wipe off with a piece of cloth or cotton.



Deodorants made in factories contain ingredients like aluminum and parabens or some other toxic substances. They can cause Alzheimer’s disease.  You can reduce your body’s chemical exposure by making your own deodorants with non-toxic ingredients.



There are several kinds of shampoos available in market. Homemade shampoo is quite safe, healthy to use and it fits on budget too. Many commercial shampoos contain chemicals, which help in cleaning dirt from your hair but this process leeches out natural oils from scalp, which is important for your hair’s health. You can make your own shampoo with some herbal products like reetha or shikakai to avoid the damage caused by commercial shampoos.

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