Tips that will help the Foundation Last Longer

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Makeup is an integral part of the life of most of the girls. Why not? It helps them enhance their looks. Why then shouldn’t one be using makeup products? In order to use makeup products, it is first necessary to use foundation. Make up shall last longer, if and only if the foundation lasts longer. Hence, it ought to be applied in such a manner that it doesn’t wear off for a long time. There are numerous ways of making the foundation last longer. Here is a list of things that will help the foundation last for a very long time.

face washing

Wash your Face

You need to wash your face well before you apply foundation on it. For, if your face is muddy, the foundation is going to come off quickly. In fact, most of it isn’t going to stay on your face at all because it is already muddy. Hence, wash your face well with soap and water before you apply foundation.

Cleanse your face thoroughly so that it becomes easier for you to apply foundation. This is one of the most basic steps to applying foundation and it is necessary that it be carried through properly. Thus, the first thing that you must do before applying any kind of makeup is wash your face.


The Right Shade

Foundation is available in numerous shades. If you don’t use the one that is most suitable to your skin colour, not only is it going to look out of place but it is also going to wear off quicker.

Hence, go for the shade that is similar to your skin tone. No matter what you do, a wee bit of foundation is definitely going to wear off. If you use the one that matches your skin shade, it will not make a lot of difference. Hence, make sure that you choose the right shade.


Spread it Right

You don’t have to puff the foundation all over your face and look weirdly white all of a sudden. If possible, spread it around your face with your thumb. It isn’t possible to spread it as correctly with the brush as you would with a thumb.

Therefore, use it correctly and you are going to look beautiful in that foundation of yours. If you don’t spread it correctly and smudge it on your face, it isn’t going to work. Therefore, dip your thumb into the foundation and massage it on to your face.

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